Beach Chairs For Sale

Beach Chairs

Do you experiences that you can’t find any vacant beach chair during your beach trips? Which is why you need to get your own beach chair for your beach trips. Whether you are going for day trip or beach vacation with family and friends. You will definitely need a comfortable and beautiful chair to enjoy your beach trips.

In Ocean Décor, We had list down 7 type of popular beach chair and brands that you can choose from. We trust you will be able to get your favorite chair here in your upcoming trips.

Beach Chair For Sale

Type Of Beach Chairs

There are many new types and design beach chair with numerous colors. You can get it according to your needs and preference.

Now, lets dive into the type of beach chair for the sands.

  1. Backpack Beach Chairs

As the name indicated, This type of beach chair is easy to carry and you can just slip it on your shoulder and move on. Backpack beach chair is very convenient and most importantly it is light weight. Perfect for beach, fishing, picnic or any outdoor activity. You can find out more in our article for backpack beach chair here.

  1. Canopy Beach Chairs

Canopy beach chair is also known as umbrella beach chairs. It looks like normal beach chair but it has canopy or umbrella attached with it. This type of chair provide you some shade when you are sitting on it.
This type of canopy beach chairs is ideal for those that like spending time at the beach, and need some cover to your head to avoid dazzling sunlight.

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  1. Foldable Beach Chairs

This type of beach chair is classic, usually it is not higher than 2 inches. It allows you to keep close to the sand without having to sit directly on it. This is perfect foldable beach chair for you as it gives your perfect experience sitting on it with your feet in the water and feel the sands under your toes.

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  1. Long Beach Chairs aka lounger Beach Chairs

Long beach chair perfect when you want to take a relaxing nap, lying down reading a book or get a beautiful tan while lying down. This type of chair is comfortable  and it has different recline position to sit on your stomach. There are some model even comes with pillow to support your neck and head.

Last but not least, lounger beach chair are bigger than other type of chair, you might need to put some effort to carry it along. But it is worth it.

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  1. Reclining Beach Chairs

Most of the beach chairs has the ability to recline position, this provide you the flexibility either you want to sit straight up or just recline back in your chair and enjoy the wind and listen to wave. There are 2 type of reclining beach chair, Lounger beach chair and regular beach chair. Depends on your preference, lounger beach chair is slightly bigger and you need some extra effort to carry along.

Reclining beach chairs is very comfortable and they allow you to relax comfortably while listen to the wave.

  1. Rio Beach Chairs

Rio Beach chairs is a 5 position chairs what comes with variety of colors. RIO Brands is quite popular in this area due to the quality, all of its products made with durable aluminum and it will last for years.

Rio beach chairs has several design, some are canopy styles and some comes with footrest. You can buy this beach chair base on your preference. For us, we like those types with foot rest so that we can lie down and rest with the our foot supported.

  1. Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs

Tommy Bahama Beach chairs is another brand that is quite popular. They are not only good in making great clothes but also good in making durable and quality beach chairs. There are variety of design from Tommy Bahama, Some with cup holders, some with backpack straps and additional storage. You can choose from base on your own liking. And you can rest assure on the quality of the beach chairs.

Do I Need a Beach Chair?

In fact, going to the beach with a comfortable beach chair is important. Imagine you lying down on the hot sand is not very comfortable with the sands sticking around your body right?

With a beach chair, you can comfortably relax sitting on the beach chair, listening to the calming waves and having your favorite refreshing drinks. This will be the perfect moment for you to enjoy the beautiful beach.

Therefore, For ultimate experience, You must choose a best beach chair for yourself. If you are planning for a ultimate vacation on the coast this summer, It’s time to get your favorite chair for the beach today.

Beach Chair Colors

There are variety of beach chair with wide range of colors. The most popular colors use at beach is blue and white.  These color not easy to absorb the heat and you can rest comfortably. There are other colors such as green, yellow, red, tropical prints and Hawaiian themes that you can choose from too.

Beach Chair Brands

The brand that I love the most is tommy Bahama, Coleman, Ostrich. These are the brands that is well known as good quality and also beautiful designed. Others Like Rio and Nautica is also not bad, is another great option to choose rom. Obviously, the price tag is a different between each different brands.

In Summary

In order for you to enjoy and relaxing at the beach, choosing the right beach chair is rather importable. You can get a cool tan in the comfortable position, relaxing listening to the ocean sounds in your beach chair, fully relieve tension and just enjoying your beach vacation without hassle.

Lastly, we hope that you are able to get the best beach chair that you are looking for. And enjoy you upcoming beach vacations.