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Looking for a beautiful coastal headboard that will completely transform your bedroom’s looks and feel? Then you are in the right place.

You can always add a coastal headboard to integrate with your coastal bedroom furniture as it make you feel like you are on the beach when you lay on it.

We had put together a list of our favorite and popular beach themed headboards that will surely grab your attention. You can find this beautiful beachy headboard will bring color, style and new ocean look to your bedroom and immediately bring a new look and feel in your home.

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How to Choose Beach Headboards

Beach style headboards that features weathered wood in antique white, light brown and beige are currently quite popular and unique in the market.

If you are looking for something different, you can also consider reclaimed wood headboard because it looks very beautiful. Also, you can also consider wicker headboards if you plan to have tropical themes and coastal cottage headboard as well as the material is quite long lasting and it really integrate the beachy feel into your home.

We have list down below some useful tips and guide if you are looking to improve your coastal bedroom. I believe the tips and guide below will help you to improve all the rooms in your home included master bedroom, kids room as well as guest bedroom.

Wood Headboards

Wooden headboard are usually created from the oak plank. It has more decorative function, therefore if you use it for your interior of you bedroom, it will actually provide extra cottage feel in the room.

If you love minimalist bedrooms type, then you should use smooth headboards, it provides extra charm in your minimalist designs. Wooden headboard always gives your interior full of simplicity and elegance. When choosing headboard, remember to choose those material that match with your bedroom furniture and floor. It creates better flow on the overall looks and feel.

Upholstered Headboards

One of the very popular design for coastal bedroom is by using soft upholstered headboard. This design create warm and comfortable atmosphere as like you are at the beach all time. The plus point of using wood material is it has soundproofing properties.

Wicker Rattan Headboards

Wicker headboards are best when you have your bedroom in tropical themes, it is beautiful and definitely it match the feel of tropical. Wicker is a perfect material to use whether is in beach, coastal, nautical theme home as well. It brings wonderful looks and feel into your interior design.

Coastal Themed Headboards

One of the great idea is to use leather or textile to decorate your headboard, you can match it with the material to blue or white color of the carpet or curtain. Shabby chic uses antiques and reclaimed items for the coastal inland. Decorate the headboard with white, which accentuates the antique effect.

DIY Coastal Headboards

If you are good in woodworking, try do it on your own to create your personal wooden headboard, if you are lack of inspirations ideas, you can always search online to find the best style and shape that you love.

We always recommend to whoever who knows how to do woodworking and build their personalize and unique headboard. You can show all your creativity like drawing wave, shell, the ocean, and so on. This allow your headboard become so unique and there is the only one in the market. Kind of cool right?

Remember to use colors like white, brown and blues, as this colors represent the best moment in the summer. Apply picture with nautical themes to create your personalize and unique GIY coastal headboard today!

In Summary

One of the important thing that you need to consider is the colors when you are buying any coastal bedroom furniture. You need to decide the color scheme first before start your project.

After that, is all about the style and design that you want to incorporate into the theme. Don’t simply mix and match, you want it to look better with the furniture flows well with the rest of the design. Check more design to get more ideas and inspirations.

With the above guides and tips, We hope that you are able to find the best beach style headboard for your bedroom. If you still having difficulty to find it, do not hesitate to leave us a message, we will try our best to assist you.