Coastal Throw Pillows & Beach Throw Pillows

Beach Throw Pillow

If you are looking for to decorate your beach home. One of the thing to buy are the beach throw pillows. As beach throw pillow able to bring the feeling of ocean, the sand and the open water right indoors.

We had put together a huge list of beautiful tropical, ocean and coastal throw pillows for your options below. Do check it out and we are sure you will find the most suitable one for your beach home.

Beach Throw Pillows

Choosing Beach Throw Pillows

In order to buy throw pillow that you won’t keep it in your closet or storeroom, you will need to know the requirement of how to purchase a beach themed throw pillows that is perfectly fit your beach home.

To makes thing easier, we had listed everything you need to know when you are picking out coastal throw pillows or covers. We are sure once you read through everything in this article you will in the better position to choose the best one for your home. You should keep in mind of the prices, beach styles and many more.

We know that it can be difficult to decide sometimes therefore we had put together a list of our favorite beach throw pillow to help you make the best decision.

Beach Themed Pillows

Before you start looking for beach themed pillow, ask yourself some question

  1. What beach theme do you want on your throw pillows?
  2. Do you want to feature starfish, seashells, sand dollars, coral, anchors, mermaids, flip flops, or something similar on your throw pillows?

Ultimately, the first step you need to think of is choosing a theme that you want. Once you have your theme chosen, then you can start narrow down the option to something like turtle pillows or ocean throw pillows and etc.

Embellishments and Texture

Pillow texture can be super important. Choosing the wrong texture will cause it too hot or uncomfortable. Embellishments like beads are very annoying and frustrating if you use it to the rest. Some other texture can be scratchy and terrible for your face where you found there is annoying red spot on your face after you sleep on it.

Pillow Color

Choosing the right color is important in order to fit the scheme of your home.  You may pick the colors to fit your entire color scheme of your home. However, sometimes you can consider using something like white and with just one accent color like blue, orange, coral blue, or green as it looks pretty good and it flow the color with the rest of your color scheme.

In addition, you can also find some pattern like chevron or prints with beach themes too. All these design works really week with beach home.


Beach themed throw pillows are usually extremely affordable unless you are searching something with very good and high quality material.

Do remember, some are beach themed pillow covers and other are actual throw pillows. Usually actual throw pillows are slightly higher prices compare with throw pillows cover as the cover is easy replaceable and more convenient.

What Are Throw Pillows?

If you heard about anyone say “decorative pillows”, usually it is refer to throw pillows as it use primarily to improve your overall decoration.

You can easily and quickly add extra element or final touch to your bedroom, living room or any of you home where you have furniture. If you are doing some minor home makeover, then this throw pillows can be a nice quick fix.

Improving Your Beach Home Decor

One of the most important thing when choosing the beach pillow is the color. Color made a lot of different to your entire décor, too bright or too dull will have negative impact.

You do not want to add bright orange color if it doesn’t match with the rest of the furniture color or design. Colors and the pattern need to be blend in perfectly and not contrast whatsoever.

Sizes of the pillow will heavily depends on your size of your furniture, definitely you will need larger pillow if you have larger couches. Also, don’t overdo it because then it takes a minute just rearranging it on the couch before you can finally sit down.

Finding Nautical Themed Throw Pillows

You can find lots of our favorite beach throw pillows above with some of our tips and guide. We believe some of the design tips, colors schemed and more will definitely help you in your buying decision.

In addition, you can also check out our list of and nautical throw pillows for further exploration and inspiration.

In Summary

From all the tips above, I believe now you have realize there are lots of thing to consider when decorating a bed or a couch or your entire home. From the colors you choose to the beach or the nautical themed element that you love.

Beach throw pillows are one of the easiest way to makeover your coastal home and overall décor. There are variety of option with coastal, beach, coastal and tropical themes in ocean decors is ready to fill your needs.