100+ Coastal Floor Lamps And Beach Floor Lamps

Beach Floor Lamps

Need something to decorate your beach home? Then beach floor lamps is the one you will need to get for your coastal themed home.

You will definitely need some lamps and lighting when the sun goes down. And beach floor lamps does the job. It brighten up your space to make your room look more beautiful at the same time it is also a beautiful décor for your beach home.

We had list down a variety beach themed floor lamps for sale to enhance any home near the ocean. You are going to get your perfect match beach floor lamps today with different style, price, height and more.

Best Coastal Floor Lamps

Discover some of our favorite coastal floor lamps below for your home if you need a tall lamps. Coastal themed floor lamps is perfect for any corner space of your bedroom or living room for additional lights.

How to choose Beach Floor Lamps

There are several thing you need to keep in mind in order to buy the best beach floor lamp. We had list down some tips and guide for you so that you can easily get your beach floor lamps for sale in your coastal home. Let’s dive into some tips below.

Beach Style Lamps

We have variety of choices for you, in terms of beach home décor. You can get floor lamp that feature driftwood or other with crabs and seashell shade. We have also other style like rustic, antiques, lighthouse, rope and more. All of this fits perfectly in your beach theme décor.  You only need to consider the height of the lamp you want base on the area you going to place it. Whether the light is sufficient enough to brighten that space.

Where To Put Coastal Floor Lamps

Coastal Floor Lamps is quite versatile, Basically you can place anywhere you like.  Usually floor lamps will be place in the corner of the room, somewhere behind your reading chairs or your desk. Depends on your overall décor of you room, you can also get some other option where it has multiple lamps or those that can bend over.

Lamp Brightness

One of the thing need to consider when choosing the floor lamps is the lamp brightness. Some offer dimming functionality while other do not have. So it is important to know whether you are using it for reading or soft light for the night time that you can relax.

Secondly, The number of light bulb in the floor lamp also determine the brightness of the lamp. Make sure you look at the bulb type and number of light bulb in the lamps you need.

For me, I prefer floor lamps that you can adjust your self so that you can have both dim and bright at anytime.

Lamp Height

Mostly floor lamp height is around 58 to 64 inches. You might need to make sure where you going to place the lamps before purchase. Some tips for you that when you choose the floor lamp. Make sure the bottom of the lamp shade is not lower than your eye level when you seat on the chair. If you planning to get multiple floor lamps, make sure you try to keep them within a close height range so that It looks more standardize.

Lamp Price

Speaking about the lamp price, always remember, You get what you pay for. Usually higher quality and design floor lamp is much more expensive. You can always measure by looking at the material, craftmanship and the weight of the lamp.

Usually cheaper floor lamp is lighter with no features. Sometimes you might be lucky to get cheaper and quality one but is depends on your luck.

Benefits of Beach Floor Lamps

Why most of the house prefer having beach floor lamps? Because it not only able to add a touch of coastal beauty, it is very practical and versatile.

We want you to get the right décor for your beach inspired home. Choose from the above style base on tropical, beach and coastal theme floor lamps that you prefer to make complete your décor.

Reduce Eye Strain

Floor lamp with lamp shade provide right ambiance in your home. With the right lamp shade, it not only able to brighten your room but also it will not hurt your eyes. Therefore, placing a beach floor lamp provide aesthetic feeling while completely giving prominence to your beach home décor

Save Space

A Floor Lamp is usually tall and thin, You do not require much space to place this lamps. Place it at the corner of the room takes up minimal space but it can brighten up your room at night. At the same time, it also represent beautiful artwork in your beach house.

Beach Themed Lighting

You can mix and match to any nautical, beach and coastal styles décor with beach themed lighting. No matter which styles you are decorating, It fits perfectly as though like we never leave the beach. Furthermore, this type of lighting makes huge difference in appearance of your room.

In Summary

Buying a new beach theme floor lamps can be challenging because there is so many options in the market. From affordable to expensive price range, from cheaper quality to luxurious quality, all this makes you even more difficult to decide.

Therefore, Doing a completed research before you make any decision, read the user reviews so that you can understand the after-use testimonial to decide whether this is the lamp that you are looking for.

With all the testimonial, you will be surely find a beach floor lamp that is suitable for your beach home.

We hope that with the above tips and guide, you will be able to find the coastal, beach, nautical themed floor lamps that you are looking for. And it you have any thing to share on buying the beach themed floor lamp. Do let us know so that we can share more with others.