Beach Hand Towels & Nautical Hand Towels

Beach Hand Towels

Every home mush have hand towel. But instead of using normal design hand towel. You can choose beach hand towels which can add extra feeling of the ocean sand indoor for your kitchen and bathroom.

You can also choose some other sets with nautical, tropical or coastal themed. With that, we had put all together a list of our favorite and popular beach nautical hand towels below for your selection.

Beach Hand Towels

How to Find Beachy Hand Towels

You can find variety of hand towels that you love from the above. From 100% cotton towels to hand towels with different type of materials. You will surely find one that you need.

Also, because we are all about beach related team. You can find all kind of popular beach element towels featuring seashell hand towels. Anchors, sand dollars, sea urchin, palm trees, starfish, mermaid hand towels and man more.

In addition, We had also added some popular nautical theme hand towels such as compasses, life preservers, ship wheels, lighthouses and more. You can go directly to our store and check out all our nautical hand towels for sale.

Choosing Coastal Hand Towels

Other than colors and styles , there are few things that you need to consider before purchasing your hand towels. If you have more bathroom in your beach home. Then you might need more different sets of towels for each bathroom.

If you have a home near the coast or you want some coastal décor related item to be place in it. Then you can consider to choose nautical, beach, tropical themed hand towels in your bathroom or kitchen. With this simple decoration, you will always feel like you are at the beach with the warm sand on your feets.

Beach Hand Towel Ideas

There are lots if beautiful beach themed hand towels you can really choose from. Such as seashell hand towels, starfish, sand dollars, claim, crabs and many more. You should be able to find almost every design you can find when you get to beach, swim in the ocean or walking on the warm sand.

Beach themed colors are usually light and bright colors like light blues , yellow, green. This is colors that represent the beautiful beaches as always.

On the other hand, if you are toward about nautical theme. You can check out anything that is related on the ship like ship wheel, anchor, ropes and so on.

Tropical themed are tends to be more of luxury resort vibes, such as having palm trees, coconut trees, flower and so on. the beach options are related to your experience at Miami Beach or the Jersey Shore.

Nautical Hand Towels

If you are more towards to nautical related themes,  Check out those with nautical elements like lighthouses, compasses, ship wheels and sailboats,. All this themed are very popular for homes on the water.

Generally for nautical related themes, the most popular colors are navy blue white or dark red as it perfectly match with nautical décor. you can find more wonderful option for your home in ocean decors here. We have some other great options like nautical mirrors, nautical bedding sets and many more.

If you need a great nautical decors as a whole, don’t just limit yourself in only nautical hand towels. You can add more nautical related element into your home and make it like you are on the ship.

Tropical Hand Towels

Are you planning to décor your home with tropical themed? Then you should not ignore tropical related decoration that featuring palm tree, Hawaii theme, hibiscus flower and more.  Tropical themed are mainly about the paradise of clear-water beaches and white sands.

Same as nautical themes, The main colors are usually bright colors like yellow, oranges and green, you can match with some minor dark colors like palm tree leaves.

The downside about tropical towels is it do not have much option. Most of the option you can find are palm trees and flowers. Sometimes you can still find some with plants but usually this are quite popular and very fast it will sold out.

Since Palm Trees are green and brown in color, you find those two colors the most often as you are browsing for hand towels for your kitchen or bathroom.

Nautical Hand Towel Colors

Colors and Beach themed elements on the towels are the 2 most important factor when buying it.

As they are many beach themed related element, so think properly what hand towels feature that you prefer? Palm trees, anchors, seashell or lighthouse? You need to choose something that match your existing décor.

Secondly, what kind of access colors that match your overall design? light blue, yellow, red, beige or green? Whether you want light and bright colors or mix with little bit of dark colors.

This are the 2 things you need to think before you buying you next sets of towels.

Beach Hand Towel Patterns

You can find variety of styles and pattern, some looks embroidered. Some with colorful striped designs. And also some are single element with only 1 colors.

There are so many pattern you can find, but you need to choose based on your entire kitchen design. Go with single accent color with beach elements if you have a cottage design kitchen. It will looks amazing and elegant.

Hand Towel Material

Depends what purpose you are looking for when choosing a hand towels. If it is just for decoration, you can choose thinner material like polyester but better pattern and design, as you will not use it.

If you will be using it around the kitchen, wiping your hand and cleaning up the mess, then you should opt for better quality hand towels like 100% cotton with high water absorption.

Last but not least, You can try Egyptian cotton hand towels if you want something soft and luxurious.

Price for Beach Hand Towels

There price for beach hand towels are varies. Remember, the price indicate the quality and the design of the hand towels. You really get what you pay for.

Instead of walking into a standard, normal and boring bathroom. Add and transform your bored bathroom into a relaxing seaside escape with the hand towels listed above. Even though is a minor décor but you can transform your bathroom to have extra seaside feel with the right decorations, accents and hand towels.

What is better than bringing the beach indoors? By using easy and simple decoration such as beach hand towels and hang it whether on the oven door in your kitchen or in the bathroom for wiping your hand. The above list will definitely covered what you need.

In Summary

If you have a beach home. You can always match it with nautical, tropical and coastal themed hand towels. These themes are always inter-related and is very popular.

We truly believe at Ocean Decors, with all the varieties and option that we had provided, you can easily find the hand towels that not only for decoration but also with high quality and comfortable to use.

Whether you need nautical bathroom towels or a beach themed kitchen towels. We are sure you will be able to find the one above that fits your entire design and decoration.