Nautical Crib Bedding & Beach Crib Bedding Sets

Beach Crib Bedding

Are you looking to decorate a nursery for your newborn baby?

There are a lot details to remember and consider coming to this.

  1. What themes are you going to choose?
  2. Which beach crib bedding sets are beautiful and functional that is best for your baby?
  3. What color theme so you prefer?

One of the best option is to choose nautical crib bedding sets because they are beautiful and lots of option whether you are having baby girls or baby boys.

We knows sometimes is hard to make decision on this, and we had decided to put a list of our favorite coastal crib bedding sets below for your reference and selection.

Whether you are looking for your baby girl or boy, the most important thing is your baby can be comfortable in their nautical nursery bedroom, and our option below are absolutely perfect for you. You can easily sort by gender when you are searching to make thing a lot more easier.

Beach Crib Bedding and Nautical Crib Bedding

Nautical Nursery and Cribs

Below, We had put together we think is the best 10 beach and nautical nursery designs for your ideas and inspiration. We are sure you will definitely get some light from it.

Also, you can consider adding extra décor like wall décor, furniture, changing tables, and many more to complement the bedding to make it look better as a whole.

lukes navy nautical nursery

Nautical Crib Bedding Design #1

Design By: Sarah Greenman

nautical nursery

Nautical Crib Bedding Design #2

Design By: Oakwrights

laurel mews in los gatos nautical crib bedding

Nautical Crib Bedding Design #3

Design By: Crown Crafts Infant Products, Inc.

sailboats and porthole mirror nautical nursery

Nautical Crib Bedding Design #4

Design By: Robson Homes

tudor with southern flair nautical nursery

Nautical Crib Bedding Design #5

Design By: Alexander Home Elements LLC

nautical theme nursery baby room

Nautical Crib Bedding Design #6

Design By: Steffanie Danby Interiors

new park terrace nautical nursery

Nautical Crib Bedding Design #7

Design By: Crown Crafts Infant Products, Inc.

girls beach nursery

Nautical Crib Bedding Design #8

Design By: Caden Lane

seaside location with harbour view nautical crib bedding

Nautical Crib Bedding Design #9

Design By: AMW Design LLC

nautical nursery anchors whales life preserver

Nautical Crib Bedding Design #10

Design By: Tracy Lynn Studio

Additional Beachy Bedding Sets for Kids

I am sure you will definitely love one of the option above. Imagine one of those beautiful crib bedding set like lighthouse, compasses, pirates sailboat and more in your nursery for your baby? Isn’t it looks absolutely gorgeous?

Also, you can also find other beautiful beach theme bedding sets like starfish, mermaids, pirates, surfboards, seashell and many more. We are sure one of this will mee your requirement for your baby nursery.

How to Choosing Crib Bedding Sets

There are many options and consideration when choosing nautical crib bedding set. You may want to keep in mind the all the below factor when preparing your baby nursery.


Gender of your baby is an important factor when you decide to buy a crib bedding sets for your baby.

Generally, you will find blue or yellow crib bedding sets for baby boys and pink or red for baby girls. You can also find all sorts of colors for boys and girls and even some are gender neutral crib sets which is also suitable for any gender.

Crib Bedding Themes

You can find most of the themes above are coastal, ocean, nautical, tropical and beach crib bedding sets. You might be looking some other themes as well, some other popular crib bedding themes like flora, animals, sports, nature, alphabet and more. Personally, I love anchor, beach, seashell, starfish crib bedding sets.

Pieces Included

When you are getting crib bedding sets, you can’t go without the popular piece of it. Such as blanket, comforter, duvet covers, crib skirts, sheets, pillow, bumper, diaper stacker and many more. Some of this are compulsory and some are optional.

In order to save hassle, get those 9 pieces crib bedding sets that have everything you need for your nursery all together. This will allow you hassle free and worry whether it match or not. We have nautical themes that all flow together.

Bedding Color

In Ocean Decors, you can find all sort of bedding colors like white, blue, pink, yellow, orange and many more. You will be able to find the matching color base on the style of your bedding set. One thing you will realize is, these colors are tend to be more neutral for nursery sets.


There are lots of brands for crib bedding sets. but we usually recommend to get from most popular brand like Sweet JoJo Designs, The Peanut Shell, Lambs & Ivy, Cotton Tale, Patch Magic, Glenna Jean, Bedtime Originals as the design and quality is much more better. If you can’t find the brand you are looking for pleas do let us know.

In Summary

We sincerely hope that you will be able to find the exact nautical or beach crib bedding sets that you want in Ocean Decors. And we do believe you will get the one that you love as we have so many option here.

Whether you love tropical theme like palm tree, nautical themed like sailboat or lighthouse or beach themes like seashell or starfish, you have everything you want.