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Beach Area Rugs

Looking for a beach themed area rugs? You are in the right place. We had consolidated the list of the most popular and beautiful beach area rugs for your home. We have starfish rugs, tropical rugs, natural fiber rugs, nautical rugs and many mores.

Scroll through our list of products to get your best beach area rugs today!

Best Beach Area Rugs For Sale

Choosing Beach Area Rugs

Area Rugs is something that indispensable décor item. If you haven’t try to place any area rugs in your home décor, you should try it.

Get some of our favorite beach ideas and inspiration below. You will be surprise how a simple rugs makes a huge different on decorating your home.

In Ocean Décor, You can find the perfect match beach area rugs that fits your requirement. Rather than going local store by store, you can find most consolidated list of beach rugs with us.

With many sizes, shapes and design, we are very sure you will find something you like with us.

Why Choose Beach Themed Area Rugs?

When you are decorating your beach home, there is no reason that you miss out this beautiful beach rugs. Beach area rugs is an iconic for beach in your home that provides your ocean and tropical feeling.

Beach Area rugs comes with different shapes, designs and styles that will definitely fits your beach home décor. In addition, this beach themed area rugs will brings your beach home extra vivid and elegant.

Let’s us walk through with you to help you to find the perfect beach area rugs for your beach house. 

Rug Material

There are variety of material that rugs made of. Some are made of wool, plastic synthetic and natural fibers, while others are made of leather, bamboo, silk and sheep skin. The quality determine the price of the rugs, you can choose base on your budget and preference.

Another important factor to consider when choosing rugs is the base. Some have non-slip backing and some tends to slide a little more. Usually for living room, We tends to get non-slip backing so that it will stay in one place.

Rug Shapes

There are many different rug shapes that you can choose from. Round, square, oval, rectangle, octagon or runner. Any of this a good option for your beach house décor. The most important thing is to measure the space and choose the best fit rugs.

Depends on your preference but mostly rectangle rugs are perfect for your dining table and larges square or octagon rugs for your living rooms and bedroom.

Rug Styles

There are 3 major style you can choose from, contemporary, antiques or modern styles.  Other than that, you can also find some styles like bohemian, luxury vintage and more.

In Ocean Décor, You can choose our area rugs designed with tropical, beach, ocean, coastal or nautical themes. All these styles and design is a perfect match with beach themed décor.

Types of Beach Themed Rugs

When you considering buying a beach themed rugs, you should consider all the beach elements that you can find in the beach and ocean. Some styles like starfish, seashells, coral and sand dollars is perfect match in beach theme décor.

You can get some inspiration from the above beach area rugs above to put it in your house on the coast.

Starfish Rugs

Starfish area rugs comes with variety of shapes, sizes and colors. When you think about starfish, definitely you will think about sea. Therefore starfish rugs is ideal choice in beach décor and coastal themed home.

Seashell Rugs

Seashell is another iconic pattern represent the beautiful of sea and beach. You can find many seashell and shellfish rugs in various color like green, purple and blue, and it is ideal for beach décor.

You can also get other option featuring different types of seashells like baby’s ear shells, conch, ark and many more.

You can choose the seashell pattern that you like the most to place it in your coastal theme home.

Sand Dollar Rugs

Nothing Can make a room or home look more tropical and beach inspired than a sand dollar rugs. Sand dollar also known as sea cookie or pansy shell, representing the organism in the ocean. We had sand dollar rugs in variety of option, and depending on what preference and needs, you can choose a perfect match rugs to fit your beach décor.

Whether you are looking for nautically inspired or you want express your whimsical personality. I believe that our sand dollar rugs will be your next best beach home’s rugs.

Palm Tree Rugs

Palm leaf area rugs is another perfect option if you want to have exotic tropical feel. Because is palm, it usually in green, brown and beige colors. There are also some other colors blue and yellow you can choose from, depends on your liking and the themed of your coastal home.

We have palm tree rugs here in rectangular, round and runner size for your selection above. We believe you could find a perfect high quality luxury palm rugs that able to bring the beach to your home.

Perfect for outdoors.

Coral Rugs

What is the organism that must have in the sea? Yes, is Coral. Coral area rugs represent ocean theme and it will give your floor an incredible look. There are variety of colors, sizes and shapes so that you can easily choose the one the match your beach themed décor.

In fact, Coral themed area rugs are quite flexible and unique, you can added this rugs basically in any place you like. No matter which part of the house you place, it will eventually looks pretty good.

Just measure the size and get the size that you like and that’s it.

In Summary

There are many ways of designing your beach theme house. From coastal to nautical, all are pretty match in your beach home décor. You can check our other article to have more inspirations and ideas.

In Ocean Décor, We love coastal rugs and we have plenty of option for your beach theme décor. We believe that you can get your favorite beach theme area rugs here without looking in other place anymore.