Beach Wall Décor & Coastal Wall Décor

Beach Wall Decor Coastal Wall Decor

We had list all our popular and famous beach wall décor below including beach wall artwooden signsbeach wall decalsmetal art, mirrors, clocks, and tapestries. You will definitely find some thing that you love in ocean decors.

Beach Wall Décor

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Beach Wall Art

Beach themed wall art are beautiful, you have many option such as canvas art, photographs, paintings, illustration, mix media, beach prints and many more. All this beautiful wall art can be use to cover the walls of your beach home. We must admit that artwork is one of the most popular and famous categories for beach wall décor.

Wooden Beach Signs

Wooden signs is another great option similar to artwork. You can find wonderful design printed on different types and colors of the word. Some are slat signa and horizontal while others are vertical. Based on your preference, these wooden signs should be able to fit anywhere in your home.

Beach Wall Decals

If you love stickers type of wall décor. Wall decals are absolutely the best choice for your home. It has many type of design and quotes that perfectly match your home.

Beach wall decals are inexpensive and definitely suits anyone that has limited budgets but still it is cool and beautiful. You can get beach wall decals with wonderful quotes like “ LIFE is Better at the Beach” for your wall and I guarantee it will looks absolutely great!

Beach Metal Wall Décor

If you love something like sculpture that can be hang on your wall. Then you should not miss Metal wall decor.

Metal wall décor is awesome and great. It makes your décor more 3D. some of the metal décor like starfish, turtle, signs fish and more that you can choose from to hung on your wall. But bear in mind that a lot of metal wall décor will easily get rust. So better check out the material before you purchase it.

Beach Wall Mirrors

Every home need a mirrors, and Beach wall mirrors are perfect option for beach home. Not only for décor but also for showing a reflection.

It is so versatile and there are so many place you can put on the mirrors such as hallways, bathroom, living room and  bedroom.

We have also beautiful coastal mirrors like rope, porthole, anchor that are perfect for nautical themed home

Beach Wall Tapestries

Now adays, beach themed tapestries becomes more and more popular to use on wall decoration. They are affordable, and if you have a large space of wall, it can cover up the entire space easily.

Also, you can find other coastal tapestries that feature seashells, palm tree nautical themes and many more. You will definitely find something that fits your home décor.

Beach Wall Shelves

Shelves are another great choice for beach wall décor. You can easily mix and match beach wall shelves and beautiful accents on them. There are tons of beautiful beach themed shelf blocks to long wooden surfboard that you can choose from.

Don’t forget to check out some of the top shelf option below and you will sure find something that suits your home.

How to Choose Beach Wall Décor

Beach themes decors are getting more and more popular nowadays. It makes your feel like you are relaxing on the shoreline even though you are not living on the beach. And is the simplest way to bring the outside in.

One of the way to bring beautiful beach to your home is to get a beach wall décor. We know that you are looking to get a perfect pieces for your home but may be lack of inspiration and ideas on what option you have. Then this buying guide to beach wall décor is definitely for you and save your time.

First, you can start by going over few different beach and coastal themes. Then you can see what kind of different types of wall décor you like. Based on your budget, you can find something within your budget for these items. Lastly, find out some other details that are helpful to know so that you can incorporating new pieces into your current home styles.

We had listed some of our favorite wall décor and our top seller from each category. We tried to include as much as possible so that you can have more option and able to make the best decision for your home.

Types of Beach Wall Décor

I believe now you know there are few different themes you can choose from. Let us walk through with you what are the different type of wall décor you can opt for.

One of the most popular styles in those days is rustic or “worn” look. The wall décor is purposely distress and make it looks like it is whipped by sand and wind. You can also find some of the beach wall décor type belows:

  • Printed or painted images with beachy words on them such as “I love putting my toes in the sand”, “the beach is my happy place”, “at the beach” and so on.
  • Seashells that are placed in picture frames. Different background colors can be used to make each one look different from the next.
  • Starfish, seashell, ship wheel and anchor wall decor that can be hung from twine.
  • Large wall art that has the main image broken up into separate pieces. This style is quite popular choice to capture a large view of the ocean or sunsets.
  • Material is something that we need to consider as well when choosing your beach wall décor. Wood is popular choice as it looks natural but as it twill other type of metal and fabrics.

Beach Wall Décor Design

We’re all visual and it’s nice to have design inspirations for your projects. Here, we had provide our top 7 examples of beautiful coastal and beach wall decor for your to go through.

Mattapoisett Landing

Mattapoisett Landing Wall Decorations

Design by: Morr Interiors

Spring Arbor Dalton

Dalton Bedroom Wall Decor

Design by: McKee Builders

Coastal Modern

Coastal Modern Dining Space

Design by: Penguin Random House, LLC

Beach Wall Décor Price Ranges

There prices of the beach wall décor is vary, depending on the matrials. Size and how the item was made and many other requirement.

Price usually start from around $15 and goes up from there. Large wall art usually start around $50 and can go all the way up to hundreds of dollar.

You can easily find small pieces of wall art like small starfish or metal fish wall décor around $10 and above.

Depends on your preference, both are great option just that make sure it fit your entire décor. You can also mix and match item to make your own themes to show your extraordinary creativity.

Beach and Coastal Themes

When speaking about beach wall décor. Usually the first thing comes in to your mind is sand and water. But there are much more beach and coastal themes to choose from, do you know that?

Some of the popular themes like

  • Tropical beach themes like palm trees
  • Sand and Seashells
  • Fish in the ocean
  • Rustic, vintage and “worn” wall decor
  • Nautical themes with lighthouses and rocky beaches
  • Sunsets and sunrises with an ocean view
  • Boats and anchors

The above are just some ideas what else you can choose from. There are way more.

One of the thing I love about beach wall décor is it almost fits in any other décor themes in your home. From muted colors to bright and neutrals, it’s easy to fit in and enhance your house at the same time. 

Matching Your Home’ Style

Adding beach wall décor to your home is very easy. Most beach or coastal wall decors item comes in colors like blue or white and some are also neutral. Something like the ocean being blue and the sand being white or tan.

If you love brighter colors, you can choose colors from light pastels, light green, navy blue and many more. You can also find something like metal prints or large print of tropical beaches or sunset. I will guarantee you that you will love it as it fit very well for your home.

Finding Beach Wall Décor to Buy

I believe after you read through the entire article, you are now in a very good position and know what type of beach wall décor is available and what you like, and now is the time to find out whereto get all those beautiful beach wall décor!

There are many different themes, different price point and how you can add it into your current home style. If you are living near or in the coastal area, you might easily find some stores and shop with beach themed décor. but if you are not, no worries, you can always have the option to buying your beach themed wall décor online.

I believe even though if you live near the coast. Sometime you still prefer search it online as the internet gives you more variation of product that fulfill your requirement. With the current technology, you can easily find something that fits your décor with view through the image provided.

In Summary

We believe you love the beach like we do. You can easily bring the beach to your home by integrating beach wall décor. Not only for home, beach themes are also great option for office buildings, hotels and many more.

We believe that from the list of our favorite beach related décor such as wooden beach sign, artwork, accents, metal wall art, decals, tapestries and many more. You will for sure find something that suits your entire beach themed décor.