Beach Wedding Lanterns & Nautical Wedding Lanterns

Beach Wedding Lantern

Where you are searching for beach wedding décor item, do not miss out coastal wedding lanterns. These lantern are extremely popular nowadays because they are stylish when you use it to light up the room or a space. Whether you are placing it indoor or outdoor, It fit pretty well.

You can find lots of variety of styles, themes and colors when choosing these nautical wedding lanterns. Not only you can find those traditional antique lanterns pattern but also you can find some modern type of design which fit every well in beach home.

Just scroll slowly the entire list of these beautiful wedding lanterns and you will surely find something that you love.

Beach Wedding Lantern For Sale

Beach Wedding Decorations & Coastal Wedding Decorations

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Beach Wedding Decorations & Coastal Wedding Decorations

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Finding Coastal & Beach Wedding Lanterns

We had put together a huge list of our favorite coastal lanterns in this article today. Whether you want it to work as centerpieces or just a decorations item during your wedding day, it will definitely perfect your entire decoration space,

You can find many varieties from rustic mini lanterns to an aqua blue lanterns in ocean decors. Whether you are looking for nautical wedding lanterns or other type of themes, you will find what you need here.

Finding Nautical Lanterns

We also list some of our favorite nautical themed lanterns above for your selection. It might be a little bit expensive but it worth every penny. At the end, wedding is a big event for you and your love one.

We love lanterns and these lanterns is suitable for both nautical wedding and inside a nautical home.

How to Choose Beach Wedding Lanterns

In Ocean decors, We had promise to get the best deal and best nautical wedding lanterns that you can purchase for your dream days. We had so many option from paper lanterns to light blue rustic lanterns and many more.

We also compile a list of tips and guides to assist you to choose the best beach wedding lanterns for your big day. Read through the article and we believe it will help you a lot.

Beach Lantern Function

First thing first, something you need to think about before you buy this lanterns.

  1. Are you using the lanterns for centerpieces?
  2. Do you need small options that will be used as favors?
  3. is it use for decorations purpose only around your wedding venue?

These question is important as it lead to the option of the coastal wedding lanterns you need. Once you have this answer, it will become easier to choose and buy the best fit lanterns and match with your entire decoration themed and color scheme.

Coastal Lantern Colors

Colors is always important when you are choosing decoration, whether is for your beach home or any event. Choosing the right colors makes a lot of different to the entire event feels and atmosphere.

You will have option for lanterns like white, black, blue, grey, brown and many more. If you need something special and unique, you can DIY it using custom paint. Depends on your preference, custom paint, solid colors and rustic brown lantern might look differently.

Beach Lantern Style

As for the lantern style, you can find several material use to make the lanterns, from round paper lanterns to plastics, metal and to glass lanterns.

Each of them has their own pro and cons, for example, Paper lantern can be very light and is easy to hang above people from a tent or ceiling. But usually it don’t last.

As for plastic, metal and glass lantern, you can find some are in rustic styles and some are modern styles, so base on your preference you can choose the one the fit your decoration the most.

In addition, some are using candles and some are using LED lights. So choose it based on your own preference.

Personally, I prefer lantern that looks distressed and with colors in white and blue.

Price and Number of Lanterns

Price of the lantern basically is depends on the quality you choose, These lanterns are usually start from $5 up to may be $50 per pieces. So make sure you do calculate the number of lantern you need and how much it will cost.

Personally, if you use it outdoor for any event, choose something that is cheaper as you might use it once. But if you need it lanterns as part of your beach home decoration, you might need to get something more quality as it last longer.

In Summary

We hope that our tips and guides above will help you to make a wise decision when purchasing a beach wedding lanterns for your dream days.

So, first remember the themed that you are into then only choose the wedding lanterns that match your entire themes and decoration whether is indoors or outdoors.

With that thumbs of rules, you will never go wrong getting the best fit beach wedding lanterns for your beach home or any big event.