Best Camping Hammocks For Sale

Camping Hammocks For Sale

Why You Need a Camping Hammock?

Hammocks as constantly defined as the tool for the ultimate chill-out space. Apart from the regular hammocks we can use at home, there another type that is specially designed for outdoor activities, they are camping hammocks.

What are Camping Hammocks?

We love camping hammocks because it is design for activities like camping, hiking, backpacking. Camping hammocks is so light compare with normal tent, which is why it is famous compare to ten. Tents are usually heavier are difficult to setup while camping hammocks are lightweight, more comfortable and easy to set up.

Camping hammocks are extremely useful when you use it to sleep overnight outdoor. They are also incredibly versatile now adays, you can use camping hammocks as cover to protect yourself from the rain and even as a picnic blanket.

Types of Camping Hammocks

You can find different types of designs, colors and sizes when choosing a camping hammock. Regardless what type of design, mainly you can find it divided in to 5 different categories.

  1. Single point or Multi-point hammock
  2. Bridge hammock
  3. Gathered-end hammock
  4. Spreader bar hammock
  5. Hybrid hammock

In addition, there are 2 big categories which as open style and jungle style. Open style hammock are those regular ones with no cover and usually are used to see. On the other hand, jungle style hammock are those with encapsulating bug net able to protect you from insects and bugs while you sleep inside. Jungle style hammock are usually recommended for those who love camping and hiking in the jungle.

Below we have some simple explanation on each type of hammocks as we describe above.

1. Gathered-end hammocks

Gathered end hammock is the most simplest and common design among the rest. This type of hammocks are basically big rectangular fabric hug between 2 anchors. Even though it is the most simplest and common, they are still a lot of demand because is very easy to use and super affordable.

2. Spreader bar hammocks

This hammock are more bulkier and heavier compare to other hammock. This is usually because it has special hardware and accessories that need to be use when setting up.  Their signature characteristic is the wooden bar that help to spread the hammock out to flatten the fabric.

3. Bridge hammocks

If you prefer more modern design, then bridge hammocks is something you should be looking for.

It uses spreader bars and the hammock is crafted to look like a suspension bridge.  With that, it will be like wrapping you when you sleep in it so it might give you little squeeze to your shoulder. Overall they are still quite comfortable.

4. Single-point and Multi-point hammocks

Single point designs are hung from one overhead anchor point. Single point hammocks usually required extra engineering to allow sufficient space for occupant and provide stability during movement. Single point hammock are only for single occupant.

Multi-point are getting more popular, it need more anchor point from 3 to more in order to set it up. The best thing about multi point hammock is it create larger platform that can cater for 2 or more occupant to sleep inside. The downside of it is it might be the heaviest and most robust because of their increase load capacity and hanging requirement.

5. Hybrid hammocks

Hybrid hammock include the rest of the wild and wonderful variations. and it can be a smaller subset of other design categories.

In Summary

Camping hammocks is always adventurer’s best friend. They have a lot of cons compare with a tent. Lightweight, cheaper, and easier to use is the characteristic that makes camping hammock more popular now adays.

In addition, of course, it provides you extra protection from ground insects, wet ground and rock and you can rest well comfortably after day of hiking or any jungle activities.

Before your buying a camping hammock. First ask your self how you will intend to use most of the time. Then you can easily choose the type of design that you fit your expectation.