Beach Christmas Decor & Nautical Christmas Decor

Beach Christmas Decor

If you are looking for the absolute best beach Christmas decoration idea, You are in the right place.

Regardless of whether you are homeowner that already has a beach theme or a nautical theme for their home. Or you want to introduce Christmas beach décor design ideas that reflect the upcoming Christmas holiday. We had put up a list of ideas and tips to help you get your dream of Christmas décor this year!

There are many options below like photo cards, wreaths, Christmas beach ornaments, shower curtains, and many more.

Whether you are into beach Christmas tree decor or nautical holiday décor. We got you covered! Browse and scroll through each and every one of it and you will find something for the tropical Christmas of your dream.


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Beach Christmas Décor

Find the list of beach Christmas décor below

Beach Christmas Ornaments

There are tons of options for your selection when choosing beach Christmas ornaments, such as Santa beach ornaments, seahorse ornament, boat ornaments, starfish ornaments, anchor ornaments and many more.

All of these coastal-themed Christmas ornaments are best to represent the coast. Choose the one that best fits your overall décor theme and you have the best Christmas tree décor ever.

Beach Christmas Ornaments and Coastal Christmas Ornaments

Seashell Hinged Box Christmas Holiday Ornament

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Beach Christmas Ornaments and Coastal Christmas Ornaments

Gallerie II Sparkle Seahorse Christmas Ornament, A/2 Blue

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Beach Christmas Ornaments and Coastal Christmas Ornaments

White and Gold Starfish Ornament

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Beach Christmas Ornaments and Coastal Christmas Ornaments

Paint Pour Beach Christmas Ornaments (Flipflop)

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Beach Christmas Ornaments and Coastal Christmas Ornaments

JWM Starfish White Glitter Christmas Ornaments – Set of 2

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Beach Christmas Ornaments and Coastal Christmas Ornaments

3″ Blue and White Glass Seashell Christmas Ornament

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Beach Christmas Ornaments and Coastal Christmas Ornaments

White Mermaid Distressed Christmas Holiday Ornament Resin

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Beach Christmas Ornaments and Coastal Christmas Ornaments

Gold Glitter Starfish Acrylic Ornament

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Beach Christmas Ornaments and Coastal Christmas Ornaments

Lighthouse Coastal Scenic Sunset Window Ornament Decoration

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Beach Christmas Ornaments and Coastal Christmas Ornaments

Globe Imports Seahorse Christmas Tree Ornament

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Beach Wreaths and Nautical Wreaths

Check out our favorite coastal and nautical Christmas wreaths here. A seashell or anchor wreath is best to put in front of the door, it brings the first beach home impression to your guest.

You can also place this beautiful beach wreath in your bathroom, living hall, or dining room. The coastal wreath will not outdated and you can have it all year long.

Beach Christmas Cards

Christmas Card is best to send a greeting to your friends and family. Check out the all-out beach nautical Christmas cards here. You may be looking for some personalized beach-themed Christmas card in this holiday season so that you can send them to someone that is special for you.

We had listed some popular coastal Christmas cards below for your selection. If none of it attracts you, you can click the link above to see more amazing products for sales.

Decorating a Beach Christmas Tree

Need some ideas and inspiration to decorate your beach Christmas tree? You can find a variety of different styles, shapes, and sizes of Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree.

In fact, you can also find some amazing coastal-inspired ornaments that mix well with traditional ornaments. You can check some of the ideas below to get some inspiration for your Christmas tree this year!

Starfish Ornaments

One of the most popular Christmas ornament will be starfish. Depending on the size of your tree, you might want to make sure the size of the starfish ornament is about the same size or complement other Christmas ornaments. it will make the entire look of your Christmas tree better.

There are also Christmas colors (Green, Red, Gold) for sale in some stores. Again, depends on the entire Christmas décor, you can have colors of starfish ornament on your Christmas tree that match the color scheme.

Personally, I like original bleached or white in colors that will make the starfish more like real live starfish.

Sea Urchin Ornaments

Dried Sea Urchin is another great ornament that you can hang on the tree. The original Sea urchin usually is bleach white but you can still find some that are colored traditional Christmas color.

You can also find sea urchins with perforations, some of this can be highlighted by coloring only the perforations. This will result in stripes and it looks pretty good. With the small perforations, you can string up these sea urchins and place a small bulb that makes it looks like a Christmas light. It looks very pretty and is very unique.

Sand Dollar Ornament

When you are looking for Christmas ornaments, you should not miss out on sand dollar ornaments. The sand dollar just like the dried starfish and sea urchins, which is made with a real sand dollar, you can DIY by coloring your preferred color if you don’t like the original colors.

Sand dollars have a natural hole where you can use it for hanging, it usually comes in one size so is highly recommended for Christmas ornaments.

Coral Christmas Décor

If you prefer smaller counters or tabletops Christmas trees, you can use coral stems. Coral Stems are an amazingly creative way to build a small Christmas tree. Usually, the longer stems are placed at the bottom while the shorter stems facing the top.

You can also use distressed or driftwood from the beach to DIY for a small tabletop Christmas tree for your beach home. Then you can use other sea items as ornaments like starfishes and half-shells as decoration.

Furthermore, instead of using fine thread, You can use a rough twine rope as it used in piers to tie up the boats.

Lastly, if you have a dried starfish, used it to represent the Christmas star that usually will be placed on top of the coral tree. With these simple ideas, you can actually make a beautiful and amazing countertop Christmas tree. This will definitely attract your guest’s attention!

Decorating a Nautical Christmas Tree

Some people love nautical theme when Christmas decorating, they will hang all nautical theme related ornaments like a small boat, lighthouse anchor, and many more on the tree rather than traditional ornaments. There are many choices of nautical ornaments with beautiful shapes, sizes, and designs, you will find something that attracts you and transform your Christmas tree into a nautical Christmas tree this year!

Anchor Ornaments

Anchor ornaments are the most popular nautical ornaments. whenever you think of nautical, you will think of anchors. There are many types of anchors ornament for your selection, including metal, plastic, glass, and wood. Depends on your liking, all these options are good and make your Christmas tree a brand new look.

We love anchors here, therefore we had put together a huge list for your selection and purchase.

Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas beach décor ideas do not focus only on trees, There are many other areas that we have to include too.

For example, You can use dried red crabs as a splash of color for pale coral wreaths, You can also use coral stems to make a large wreath to hang on the wall. Puka shells can also be used to make a great wreath because of varies in size, you can mix them up with different dried shells and it will become a very attractive wreath.

Overall is quite interesting if you are into DIY. You can use rattan, make a circle and tied it up then use dried empty clams (with both shells)to make a wreath frame so that it looks like a flower.

There are many ways of decorating your beach home. Therefore, be sure you research more and get some ideas & Inspiration before you start, You will feel satisfied and happy after you complete it.

Beach Christmas Dining Room Ideas

In fact, you can also decorate your dining room with a beach theme during Christmas. If you like driftwood, you can use rectangular shape driftwood as the centerpiece and add some starfish, crabs or seashells ornaments on it, then add candles tied with ribbon and it just perfect.

Need more ideas and inspiration? Probably you can try using fan coral or coral that looks like a tree as the centerpiece, some host like to place large clear bowls and fill with shells, mercury ball, starfish and many other beautiful ornaments. Depends on your liking, you can research more and you will find the best Christmas dining décor that you like the most.

In Summary

Christmas décor is fun and exciting, We want you to enjoy the satisfaction of decorating your beautiful Christmas tree that only happens once a year.

Therefore, we had provides some of the different Christmas beach decorating ideas that you can follow or get inspired. If you live nearby the beach, you can either get this dead shell, starfish, or driftwood from the beach and dry them out and DIY your own Christmas ornaments or you can get this in most of the DIY store or here in Ocean Décor.