Beach Quilts & Nautical Quilts & Coastal Quilts

Beach Quilts

Compare to Beach comforters, beach quilts are another quite popular option that you can choose from for your beach home. Quilts are normally lighter hence it is more affordable and it works pretty well with your bedding sets.

Instead of going store by store to find your perfect match beach bedding sets. We had made it easier by listing the best coastal, beach-themed, and nautical quilts for you. You can scan everything in ocean décor here and get your best-fit coastal quilts for your bedroom.

We had many different themes like a seashell, surfboard, Anchor, mermaid, and many more. With all the different style, pattern and size, you will definitely found one of the beach quilts below meets your requirement.

Beach Quilts For Sale

Below are some of our favorite beach quilts and nautical quilts. We had divided it base on the features of colors along with the popular corals, seashells, and other beach elements for your option. You can choose the one the matches your beach décor.


Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

dream FACTORY Pineapple Comforter Set, Full, Pink,2A863602PK

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Twin Beach Quilts

Twin size is the most popular size in the market. Check the perfect-fits collection of twin-sized coastal quilts and nautical quilts here.

Full Beach Quilts

If you have a full-size bed. Check the perfect-fits collection of full-sized coastal quilts and nautical quilts here.

King Beach Quilts

Check the perfect-fits collection of king-sized coastal quilts and nautical quilts here.

Nautical Quilts For Sale

We had all kinds of patterns and styles of nautical quilts such as a sailboat, coral, lighthouse, and many more. Check the perfect-fits collection of Nautical-themed quilts here.

Choosing Beach Home Quilts

Whether you are buying the coastal quilt sets for your master bedroom, kids bedroom, or guest bedroom. Some important information you need to know before you buy it. We have gathered some tips and guide below to help you to make a wise decision to get your dream nautical quilt sets.

Let’s dive into this important information

Quilt Size

Quilt size is important when buying your coastal quilts. It has all sizes including twin, double, full, queen, king, and California king. The most popular quilt’s size is twin, queen, and king size, All coastal quilt list above comes in all size thus you do not need to worry about the size. You just need to choose your dream nautical quilts that you prefer.

Quilt Quality

There are different types of material used for a quilt, such as 100% cotton, polyester, acrylic, linen, cotton blends, and also Egyptian-quality cotton. Silk material is somehow is the highest quality and is not easy to find.

Depends on your preference and budget, take note that the higher the quality material, the price is usually more expensive. Some materials are heat resistant and some are not. Considering you will be spending hours in your bed, you might want something more comfortable so that you can relax in it.


As we always emphasize, You get what you pay for. And this is absolutely true. Nautical quilts for sale normally range from $45 all the way up to $500, some are even higher than that.

But in the market, Mostly you can get beach quilts set for around $60-$100 depending on sizes and design. This is the most popular and affordable range for most people.

Quilts Themes

There are a variety of choices when we are buying nautical, beach, and coastal themes quilts. You can even dive further to decorate with micro-niche themes. Such as the ocean and open sea, you can choose fish, whales, coral, and starfish. For navigation themed you can have anchors, ship, sailboat and etc.

Regardless of how you want to décor it. The above beach quilts for sure will match your home.

In Summary

When it comes home décor, especially nautical, beach, coastal and tropical themes. There are tons of options for quilts for you to choose from. It can be good to have more options but it can be difficult to make a decision. Hopefully, the above list of nautical, coastal, and tropical quilts attracts you and solves your décor inspiration and ideas.

Let us know if you can’t find the right quilts for your beach home. We will try to find something that is right for you.