Beach Shower Curtains & Nautical Shower Curtains

Beach Themed Shower Curtains

Looking for a best beach shower curtains for your beach bathroom? Then you are in the right place, Whether you are looking for coastal, tropical, beach, or nautical themed shower curtain, you have everything covered in Ocean Decors.

We had put together a huge list of wonderful beach shower curtain from beautiful beach side to anchor and to beautiful sunset scenes, you will definitely find something that fit your design.

We have also starfish, seashells, palm trees, sand dollar, compasses and many more because all these are popular themes and they are perfect shower curtains for your beach themed bathroom.

Beach Shower Curtains

Choosing Beach Themed Shower Curtains

Choosing the best fit beach themed shower curtains is quite easy and straight forward. If you are struggling to decide what to choose for your next shower curtain, Then you must continue to read the following tips and strategies that we had prepare. These will help you to make a better choice choosing the right one to decorate your beach themed bathroom.

Shower Curtain Color

First, We will need to decide on the colors. Colors is important as you want colors that flows and match with the rest of your home as well as the bathroom.

Some shower curtain are more neutral while others are more into bright green and bright blue colors such as tropical beach scenes with palm trees.

If you want something that are more nautical theme. Then you should go into blue and brown color series. Make sure the colors palette that you choose match the rest of our bathroom accessories like hand towels, bath towels, soap dispenser and etc.

Shower Curtain Design Theme

Moving forward, you will need to decide and select the design theme for your bathroom. Whether you love nautical, coastal, tropical or ocean theme, is all good.

Add anchors into your bathroom if you love nautical design theme. You may also include some element like sailboat, and the open sea as well.

If you love tropical theme, add palm trees or coconut tree element into your bathroom like beach hand towels  with palm tree or a palm tree soap dispenser.

Shower Curtain Prices

The price of coastal themed shower curtain are varies, it ranges between $30 to $70 and some are as high as $100 and above. Of course, higher price shower curtain are usually better in overall quality, look and durability compare to cheaper price shower curtain.

Depends on your budget and the requirement you are looking for. As long as you find the favorite print of shower curtain that you want. We have huge list of product for sale in our store and you can slow browse it, you will find something that match both your budget and design requirement.

Shower Curtain Sizes

The sizes of the shower curtain also an important factor, bigger sizes shower curtain usually are more expensive. You can find these coastal themed shower curtain generally comes in size like 69″x70″, 69″x75″, and 69″x84″.

Depending on your bathroom area, usually you will need smaller sizes shower curtain If you use a normal shower curtain rod straight across without any curve.

If you are one of those the love to put their shower curtain rod closer to the ceiling, then you might need bigger curtain to covered the entire space.

So, Do measure the sizes and height that you need before you start purchasing your next coastal shower curtain, it will save you a lot of times find the best fit nautical shower curtain for your bathroom.

Beach Shower Curtain Patterns

Depends on your preference, Some nautical themed shower curtain comes with solid colors, some are with striped, some might be depict environment like a day at the beach or sunset view, and other might be pattern nautical themed element like seashell, seahorse and etc.

There are many options you can choose, you just need to have initial ideas what pattern you prefer, then you can focus only those pattern that you like. Personally, I love solid and scenery printed shower curtain.

Finding Beach Bathroom Decor

If you are living near the beach or you want your beach home as like you are at the beach. Most likely, you want all sort of beach décor around your home to bring the outside atmosphere inside. From living room, to kitchen to bedroom and to bathroom, every single room should have the atmosphere and vibes as like you are on the sandy beach with the beautiful ocean view.

We believe that since we have spent so much effort around our homes. We don’t want to leave our bathroom aside and by getting the right beach themed décor, it will definitely completed your home in no time.

In Summary

Lastly, We hope that you will find our beach themed shower curtain useful and bring you a brand new ideas on how to decorate your dream bathroom. We have a lot of option plus a lot of ideas to help you to decorate your beach themed home and we constantly grow and adding more articles.

We hope you do constantly visit to get more inspiration and ideas for your next or upcoming beach themed home project. Thanks for visiting at Ocean Decors!