Nautical Lanterns & Beach Lanterns

Nautical Lantern

Nautical décor theme has become more and more popular. It is also one of the top styles to choose when people decorating their home. You could find a lot of nautical décor item in the market but one thing most people overlooked when decorating their home for this theme is the nautical lantern.

Nautical lanterns is not only able to bring warm and lights to your room but also it brings the touch of history and antique feeling to your home.

We know this is an awesome nautical décor therefore we had add a list of our favorite beach lantern and nautical themed lantern that you might be interested to add in to your home décor.

Nautical Lanterns

Below are the list of popular nautical lanterns for sale

Beach Wedding Decorations & Coastal Wedding Decorations

Heaven in Our Home Flameless Candles Copper Lantern

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Beach Wedding Decorations & Coastal Wedding Decorations

Ocean Blue Lighthouse Lamp Candle

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How to Choose Nautical Lanterns

Years ago, Lantern are usually oil based lamps. As the technology getting better, now adays you can get a replica that use electricity and some use candles to light up your room. These nautical lantern are made of brass, beautiful and long lasting.

There are several types of lanterns you can choose from for your nautical theme décor. You can go with starboard side lantern, port themed, anchor lantern or cargo lantern. Either type has its own unique design and history of the lantern. They become a great conversation with friends and family because of the styles and the history in it.

Where to Find Nautical Lanterns

In fact, It is not hard to find a perfect nautical lantern for your home. You can find many of these great antiques online, Whether is old or original nautical lanterns or a replica’s or those that have been converted to use electricity, you can get everything online easily.

There are some replica stores which is cools that handle these lanterns too that you can order it from online.

Lastly, if you are having holiday or vacationing on the beach or any tourism area, take a look on their local antique shops, you might find something cool that is perfect for your nautical themed décor.

How to Decorate With Lanterns

Lanterns are usually use to light up the room that are dim or darks strategically. But, in today’s decoration inspiration, an antique lanterns is widely use as a decorative item that not only brings he old world feel to your room but also light up your room while retaining and enhancing a room natural beauty.

One thing is good about this pieces is it fits with almost any type of setting, whether is a informal home areas or a professional office setting or a restaurant lights, it was absolutely amazing.

The dual purpose as decoration or as emergencies make it a very well-rounded installment.

When Will People Use Lanterns

Usually, lantern are used when camping or when the one that wish to have a more aesthetical unique home. Although the fuel of the lamps has been drastically changed throughout the history, the lanterns today mostly use oil.

The bright light of the lanterns throughout history not only helps people to light up the house and create illumination when walking at night. It is also  very helpful for sailors to see through a rough storm.

Other Uses For Nautical Lanterns

The light from an antique lantern is kind of ambient light because of the part to the effect an oil-fed flame has versus the regular electric bulbs. These item can be serve as first aid light source for any home.

Some of the first aid kits or emergency support equipment usually come with small lamps that powered by batteries or oil.

An antique lantern is a amazing representing the old world and well-aged charm with the older frames, and the long history of use.

Gas Lanterns

Gas powered lanterns are most common antique lanterns that many enthusiasts has today. It might be hand down or inherit from grad-grandfather and some of it still be to utilized using appropriate fuels.

Antique Lanterns is best when power by gas as oppose to an oil lantern. And because of it shape, antique lantern are perfectly fit in any podium or display surface.

Overall, these pieces are very beautiful crafted art and with full of histories for those use to light up the way in the dark. The shine of these lamps is like a patches of wear give these items a very unique, vintage character.

Adding Nautical Décor to Your Home

Most of the time, people go overboard with the beach look. Anything like sand, coral, fish and seashells. But in our opinion, you should add some nautical gems like knots, wooden ship’s wheel, ship’s bell or anchor for you’re a welcoming and warm feeling in your home. This makes your entire décor even more completed and a nautical themed lantern is one of the best item that will gives your space a beautiful coastal vibe.

In Summary

Nautical lanterns tends to be a symbol of living nearby the coast or being at the sea long time ago. You can often see this in the painting picture about the sea life and the life of sailing on the ship in the old time.

Therefore, It is great nautical decoration if you add a new beach lantern or a rustic nautical themed lantern to your beachy home. It makes a huge different and looks amazing.