Seashell Mirrors and Capiz Mirrors

seashell mirror

When decorating your beach home, beach wall décor plays an important aspect, it determine your entire look of your design. Therefore you can cover your walls with wall décor, wall art, sconces, seashell mirrors any many more that match with your entire décor styles.

Seashell and shell mirrors is something that every home is needed and of course it match the beach theme. But it is not always easy to find this type of seashell mirrors in your local store, Unless you are staying by the beach where those store by the beach usually has it.

Therefore, we had put together a huge list of seashell and shell mirrors in ocean decors for your easy selection. You will find something comprehensive that match your décor style to upgrade your home.

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  1. Shell Mirrors
  2. Oyster Shell Mirrors
  3. Round Shell Mirrors
  4. Compact Shell Mirrors
  5. Shell Mirrors DIY

Shell Mirrors

Oyster Shell Mirrors

Oyster shell mirrors is one of the great option to be place in your home. Oyster shell are popular in united states beaches. In fact, I believe it is famous as well in many western country. We had list down different oyster mirrors with circle, rectangle and square in shape. Depends on your liking, either one of it is perfectly fit in a coastal home.

Capiz Shell Mirrors

 If you prefer more luxurious style, you can choose capiz mirrors. Capiz mirrors are popular and beautiful. With this type of capiz themed beach mirrors, your wall will quickly transform and looks even elegant.

Round Shell Mirrors

Another great option is round shell mirrors. Round shape are versatile and usually match in any space. Regardless you use it in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, hallway or living room. It will allow a new facelift for your entire space.

Compact Shell Mirrors

I believe you love shell mirrors and you want to bring it always. Therefore , compact mirrors allows your to bring along anywhere anytime you want. They are great whenever you need for makeup or checking your hair outside. And I believe as a beach themed lovers, you will definitely love the shell compact mirrors below. Our favorite is the clam shell mirrors!

Shell Mirrors DIY

You can also DIY a shell mirror yourself by using some mirrors below. If you need some guide on how to make a shell mirror, you can start by checking the product below, it will make you easier as a beginner. With the tips and tricks, you will be able to make your dream shell mirror easily,

How to Choose Seashell Mirrors

We had done a lot of research for different seashell mirrors and products for every categories. One thing is good about is, shell mirrors are suitable for beach, coastal or nautical themed home. You can improve your beach wall décor in your bedroom, living room or bathroom like a pro.

In ocean decors, you can easily find white, large, capiz, oyster, shell framed mirrors and many more. In addition, we have plenty of option with different colors, styles and shell mirror theme that you are searching for.

In Summary

If you browse through the above list, I believe you will find the perfect coastal or beach themed mirror for your home. Regardless you need large mirror for your living room, a small compact mirror for you handbag, or a shell themed mirrors for your hallway. You will find it in ocean décors.

But if you nothing catch your eyes, do let us know as we can help to source it fast. These mirrors are our favorites and top rated at the time we are surveying and writing this article.