Beach Napkin Holders & Coastal Napkin Holders

Beach Napkin Holder

Once you have your beautiful coastal kitchen completed. Adding some new beach napkin holder can really touch up your overall decoration.  Adding all sorts of coastal accents and beach elements over your kitchen is a great idea to enhance the overall feels and looks.

You can just replace a simple boring plastic or napkin holder with a beach napkin holder that is an adirondack chair, starfish, seashell, and more. You will realize it will make your coastal kitchen even more better than before.

Beach Napkin Holders

Beach Kitchen Decor & Coastal Kitchen Decors

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Beach Kitchen Decor & Coastal Kitchen Decors


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How to Choose Beach Napkin Holders

There are couple of thing you need to consider before you choose your beach napkin holder. Try answer some of the question below and you will know exactly what you need.

  1. What type of styles coastal napkin holder you are looking for?
  2. What are the themes that you need? Tropical, ocean, coastal, beach or nautical?
  3. What is the colors that will perfectly fit your kitchen design.
  4. Do you prefer something vertical that your napkin can go sideway and stand or something that is square and sit flat with a weight on top.

Vertical napkins holder usually look better on kitchen table while flat napkin holders looks better on kitchen counter top. Choose base on your current design of your coastal kitchen

Regardless which one you choose, We understand there both types are in demand therefore we had added napkin holder that featuring ocean themes, and beach elements that will be perfectly fit your beach home. You can find many beautiful and amazing themes like starfish, sand dollar, crabs, lobster, anchor and many more in this article or in Ocean Decors.

Things To Consider for Coastal Napkin Holders

We had put some of our ideas and guides below to help you to choose the best fit nautical themed napkin holders to upgrade your kitchen décor. You will surprise with only minor touch up, you will be able to add extra vibes that can bring the beach indoors easily.

Beach Napkin Holder Theme

Themes is one of the important factor when you choosing your napkin holder. Are you having seashell theme around your home? or more nautical theme with anchors or rope? Or both combination?

Try to choose the same beach theme combination that you have throughout your house. You can find all kind of nautical napkin holders that will match your theme above.

Beach Napkin Holder Color

Speaking about colors, you can find all kind of colors for beach, ocean, nautical themes such as blue, silver, red, gold, white and so on. You can rest assure that you will definitely able to find a colors that match your kitchen no matter what color scheme you have.

Beach Napkin Holder Material

Generally, you can find different napkin holder material such as rattan, metal, plastic, fiber, iron cast and many more.  But the main consideration when you choosing the beach napkin holder material is it is best to match with the rest of your beach accent.

For example if you have a wicker related furniture, I would suggest you to choose rattan types of napkin holder. Like wise if you are having wood chairs furniture, you can match it with wood made napkin holder, vice versa.

About this Napkin Holder Guide

We had list all our favorite and popular beach themed napkin holders above so that you can directly view it and get the latest information. We have also lots of beach décor article that you can refer to.

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In Summary

At Ocean decors, We think about everything that you need when it comes to home decoration. Because we love designing home and we want to get the best idea for you. We think about beach ceiling fan ornaments, wicker basket, coastal bed and coastal bedding sets. Everything that can help to make up a dream home will be our goal.

From small item to large item, we have all ideas and guides to help you to get the higher quality with the best buck you spent. You are covered by Ocean decors when you need all sort of ideas and guide about home decorations.