101 Beach Themed Bedroom Ideas

beach themed bedroom ideas

Every beach home will definitely have multiple bedrooms with different sizes that you need to decorate. You might have smaller bedrooms for children or guest and also master bedroom for yourself.

Once you add some of the beach themed bedroom ideas, you will immediately notice there is are big changes and get more relaxing coastal atmosphere.

We know that you might lack of some beach themed bedroom ideas. Therefore we had compile a list of 101 beach bedroom ideas below.

You can find variety of colors, themes, beddingfurniture, and many more and the best part is all of this design are unique.

Whether you prefer darker nautical color scheme or airy light blue themes, we had everything prepare for you. You will definitely get a lot of ideas for lampsbedroom wall decormirrorsarea rugs, and more for your coastal themed bedrooms.

The Beach House

the beach house the anderson studio of architecture and design img~06b1d7b30f9ef44d 8 4229 1 5dcf992

Mattapoisett Landing

mattapoisett landing morr interiors img~43d1beff04065b41 8 0622 1 08f7f63

Waterfront Retreat

waterfront retreat bruce palmer design studio img~ba71b4aa0ee77d44 8 3629 1 f8b0de2

Grattan Residence

grattan residence cronk duch architecture img~2b41340b040faa56 8 8268 1 3271c0e

Kalea Bay Malibu Model

kalea bay malibu model w design interiors img~76117c0a097f8116 8 1259 1 6753467

Bedroom & Loft Remodel

bedroom and loft remodel reliance design build img~01f1f4b3062eb6f5 8 2216 1 5578721

Shores of Panama

shores of panama 13 hub lane img~4af1e59f085863e7 8 0200 1 1375a35

Bayview Home 

house with a view caleb johnson studio img~04e1b8b903ac2b8a 8 0004 1 ec0e630


old noyac path blue ocean design img~e591592a080a5bca 8 5673 1 53de901

Beach Style Guest Room

beach style guest room keating moore construction img~d9211f8a052d6259 8 0049 1 17a10e5

Cliff Road Area – Nantucket

cliff road area nantucket jonathan raith inc img~4fd1e177040f7c30 8 0698 1 95e0d7a

Jersey shore

jersey shore a and j interiors llc img~e8719a9f05edfa9b 8 4062 1 10acf08

Sag Harbor, NY

sag harbor ny foleyandcox img~04317bf502b2093b 8 8711 1 2aa4c9c

Alamanda Cottage

allamanda cottage laura hay decor and design inc img~51d14d58048e5aba 8 0913 1 fcf1aae

Chesapeake Bay Waterfront

chesapeake bay waterfront erin paige pitts interiors img~520146440803b0ba 8 0491 1 b91c5a9

Fenwick Island III

fenwick island iii echelon custom homes img~a6213f9d02af4c33 8 0078 1 b7705ba

Kolbe Windows & Doors

kolbe windows and doors walden windows img~93911063097a42a7 8 4575 1 2f36c8c

Coastal Luxe

coastal luxe lindye galloway interiors img~09a11166053bcdfa 8 7306 1 31b4020

Beige Floor Bedroom Design

bedrooms lawrence mayer interior design img~c1312abc08334e38 8 8056 1 2f3f761

Beach Style Bedroom

beach style bedroom bungalow 5 img~d0a123d604da89ea 8 5865 1 37a5a7c

Blue Walls Beach Style Bedroom

browning brick and mortar home and outdoor img~67a1ac4104d1135c 8 8895 1 01b00f8


hamptons lillian august interior design img~a4910a2b079648f5 8 4997 1 02aa10c

Beach Style Bedroom, Miami

master naples bay builders inc img~59f1ed1707448bd6 8 0069 1 8958ad6

East Beach
east beach phoebe howard img~ea61b1ab0787a172 8 2923 1 adfb681

Kiawah Beach House for GDC

kiawah beach house for gdc matthew bolt graphic design img~f4210acc02d4cd22 8 8830 1 b3dec14

Ocean Boulevard

traditional beach ocean boulevard barclay butera interiors img~e0e1f1b503b31e67 8 4256 1 2b1abf4

Light Wood Floor Bedroom Remodel 

la vie beach house 30a watersound west beach la vie 30a beach house rental img~346198c40703c1c5 8 6407 1 4b397fc

Higgins Beach Cottage Duo

higgins beach cottage duo whitten architects img~c2214e180637c4c3 8 3414 1 8083baf

Browning Designs

browning brick and mortar home and outdoor img~dfd118ab04d11338 8 8895 1 1fb9293

Yaroomba Beach House

yaroomba beach house highgate house img~22e1f5f5038304a8 8 9100 1 73c78bd

Bedroom & Loft Remodel

bedroom and loft remodel reliance design build img~5671533b062eb5de 8 7402 1 3f5d766

Coastal Bedrooms

bedrooms claudettes decors img~245164fa07adfb29 8 5710 1 03a8998

Headboard For Lexington

headboard for lexington clothing co jnmrustic designs img~88e190c5063168fe 8 7484 1 ba7a143

summer cottage

summer cottage diane rosen interiors llc img~9911fa3c02c32f46 8 8020 1 8186738

Montauk Residence

montauk residence abelow sherman architects llc img~7be14a7107bb06bf 8 8553 1 6bba369

Laudale Bedrooms

laudale jeffreys interiors img~6c81065d0661a4fb 8 0656 1 9d5ed37

Nantucket Small Cottage

nantucket small cottage design associates inc img~d901948f074456b4 8 5184 1 c18c63f

Coastal Bedrooms

coastal bedrooms sharps bedrooms img~bea1b9800891c012 8 4123 1 aacd3e8


portfolio manhattan textiles img~e7b1480504d92ec2 8 4331 1 436122d

Provincetown Beach House

provincetown beach house peter mcdonald architect img~471123c000c10dce 8 4680 1 558adac

Jupiter Beachfront

jupiter beachfront entire home pineapples palms etc img~4d11c859095fbe27 8 3562 1 5c9a846

Saddle River Home

saddle river home beth interiors img~34c194010604673b 8 0702 1 6dcec1b


mediterranean tobi fairley interior design img~04b1dce40dfa6570 8 2513 1 dadc162

Diamond Head Point Condominium

diamond head point condominium del mar construction img~17b1e46405ddfa61 8 0776 1 9970fdb

Modern Nantucket Renovation

modern nantucket renovation cheney brothers building and renovation llc img~9ca1d307024b0f2e 8 3433 1 581a8db

Edgewater 2

edgewater 2 risa s interiors img~45f1524f0776ca4b 8 9256 1 f86cda9

Nort Fork Showhouse

nort fork showhouse amy hill designs img~1991430706774752 8 9732 1 f562efc

Beach Style Bedroom

beach style bedroom lotus lilac design studio img~2b31505d0925ecab 8 7417 1 b71347c


bedrooms platinum homes by mark molthan img~0d41371c029fa5e5 8 8592 1 1e8ebc2

Nort Fork Showhouse 2

nort fork showhouse amy hill designs img~b991679d06774782 8 9731 1 a11fc20

White, Navy and Textured Guest Bedroom

white navy and textured guest bedroom avalon nj erica kidwell interior design img~9ee1b90905e0c3b6 8 1003 1 3eaadc9

Beach Style Bedroom

beach style bedroom hendel homes img~e69193d50329b52d 8 9326 1 55d4be1

Cape Cod Renovation

cape cod renovation kelly mcguill home img~aa81ea5703976c34 8 9186 1 56242f2

Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

case study wrightsville beach north carolina insidesign img~5a815fae080a2da6 8 8942 1 3d41d97

Ocean Dunes

ocean dunes richard moody and sons construction llc img~0501b76e0890bdaa 8 4552 1 68b90d4

Beach Retreat

beach retreat artisan design building and remodeling llc img~e74129c906661663 8 4908 1 0c07fc0

27 Aiken Street

27 aiken street our town plans img~ba4182f50310b5d2 8 6520 1 ab06695

Orono Lake Cottage

orono lake cottage stonewood llc img~8e81827a03fc9c59 8 0537 1 f429385

HGTV Home Furniture Collection

hgtv home furniture collection furniture showcase img~93f1fbc704b15931 8 9994 1 c10aca2

Bay View Park

39915 assawomen street bay view park south of south bethany bruce mears designer builder img~c621ba2b05acecf6 8 8554 1 8489f4a

Guest Bedroom

guest bedroom echelon custom homes img~123141d10228f2b2 8 8611 1 b1912ea

Coastal Bedroom

bedrooms coastal chic img~ac916d5208385a43 8 4268 1 7d74c40

30A Home

30a home designer cassidy lyons pickens lovelace interiors img~93d1d0c0032c89c6 8 2413 1 b120354

The Kingfisher 2.0

guest bedroom the kingfisher 2 0 schell brothers img~c941246c045b9162 8 3728 1 ab94f19

Beach style carpeted bedroom

browning brick and mortar home and outdoor img~ff41232b04d11308 8 8896 1 6f8b4a7


chambres francoise wattel img~759181be05463f02 8 6574 1 a47fb9a

Vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, DE

vacation home in rehoboth beach de morgan howarth photography img~4e011dda03f3c223 8 9837 1 3115fc9

Large Coastal Guest Carpeted Bedroom

bedrooms lawrence mayer interior design img~e8e14a3408334e33 8 3282 1 72b9757

Creative, colorful and fun Beach theme guest suite.

creative colorful and fun beach theme guest suite caroline burke designs and associates inc img~5d719a7c06200407 8 6363 1 c02fb38

French Estate

updated french estate in preston hollow platinum homes by mark molthan img~55b1b92f004f3ee1 8 4858 1 284c91a

Waterside Home

waterside home woodford architecture and interiors img~67d130e004bd138c 8 8585 1 0fb3613

East Hampton Home

east hampton home joshua david home llc img~7eb1be8e07b62ead 8 6193 1 3d00776

White Wall Beach Style Bedroom

guest bedroom carter kay interiors img~3ad1efc00ffafafa 8 6682 1 fca5eb8

Beach Style Bedroom

beach style bedroom patrick ahearn architect img~db41d2c602694105 8 8189 1 20d8394

Lemon Street

lemon street andrew howard interior design img~71c1f6a404aabd21 8 9939 1 cf7f3cc


bedrooms claudettes decors img~9c81bbbc07adfb2a 8 5710 1 6669e15

Rehoboth Beach Custom Home #1

rehoboth beach custom home 1 opal dc img~73a1a9cd051d4613 8 9781 1 6ceee75

365 Summer Place

365 summer place not an address a lifestyle 1 man of the cloth img~f0812d6104381ae0 8 5822 1 b9385ec

Gerardi Beach Home

my houzz gerardi beach home mina brinkey img~8101ccd8030ce3a4 8 1620 1 b131dd4

Waterfront Retreat

waterfront retreat bruce palmer coastal design img~fb9149350040d9e4 8 4808 1 95531d9

2015 Julio

2015 julio alejandro c fotografia de interiores img~6941a04f05bf515c 8 7027 1 f07a7c9

Rocky Point Teardown

rocky point teardown spang builders inc img~d9f1b9b9057f04cd 8 8068 1 6103bca

Coastal Contemporary Ocean View

coastal contemporary ocean view kenorah design build ltd img~8fb15c93039605d4 8 4407 1 b80dfec

Ocean Avenue

ocean avenue graham architects img~feb1551504cbff96 8 7154 1 28959eb

Angela Street

angela street tamara alvarez photography img~a4b1f2c806fc9a6e 8 6505 1 dd82195

Beach Style Bedroom

kim nichols img~343142660bc3a341 8 2637 1 c810f5e

Ocean Front Estate

ocean front estate kirby perkins img~d4a1af6503ac7298 8 3779 1 40ce8d8

Truro Beach House Master Bedroom

truro beach house master bedroom jill neubauer architects img~f15199ab043d4f22 8 5611 1 a4802c3

Guest Bedroom with antique beds

guest bedroom with antique beds l k defrances and associates img~34015cb1037d288d 8 6606 1 8c33dd5

Debordieu Traditional New Construction

debordieu traditional new construction elizabeth taylor satterfield interior design inc img~622156820522f242 8 9457 1 aab5b9e

Charlestown Beach Cottage

charlestown beach cottage dennis moffitt painting img~ac3120b0028b437e 8 1108 1 c1a760f

Tone Wood Floor Bedroom

beach style bedroom starr sanford design img~fd21dd62030e5b8a 8 9183 1 8ccca15

Beach Bedroom Ideas

I believe you are cracking your head trying to create a beach themed room design that you, your family and guest will love. A coastal bedroom décor that people will feel relaxed like walking on the sandy beach. If this is what you want, you must read through the entire article below as we will share with you few different way to achieve the feeling that you want.

And i believe you will discover more and more ideas and inspiration to create a coastal bedroom of your dreams. Let’s us walk through with you all the beautiful bedroom beach decor below together:

Beach Bedding

You can find a lot of tropical, nautical, coastal and beach themed bedding here in ocean décor. Every beach home will definitely need something like quilts, comforter, duvet cover, shams, throws pillow or full bedding set. All you need, we had prepare for you.

Check out some of our best beach bedding sets for sale here

In addition, we have also blog posts with tons of coastal bedding and ideas for your bedroom. You can also browse all the different categories below to find your best bedroom products.

When it comes to beach themed bedroom ideas, bedding set is always a must have for your room.


9 Beach Theme Bedroom Ideas

When we speak about beaches, is all about the feels of beaches with sunlight and soft breeze. It is not easy to always achieve this feeling but fortunately, you always achieve this by decorating your bedroom coastal detail and nautical accessories.

There are great colors schemes to attain the beach vibe such as dark blue, turquoise, white splashes and the color of the sand. and by adding some design like starfish, seashells, sea urchins, and sea-inspired candle holder. It makes your beach themed bedroom even amazing.

Even small accents like sailboats or oar model would make a big different in the entire design.

We have some amazing themes and design to help you to achieve the beach themed bedroom of your dream.

1. Warm Wood Cottage

Bring a beach element into your bedroom is not only playing with beach related accessories. You can consider to use warm wood paneling to create a coastal room. Now adays using warm wood paneling has become very popular. This theme also has a boat-like polished finish, which welcomes intense sunlight that streams in during daylight.

2. Beachfront Oasis

You can see now adays most of the beach resort bedrooms already strip off all frills and left only function. Why? Because it is more practical and eco-friendly. You can follow this concept to redecorate your bedroom.

You can opt for custom headboard that has thoughtful storage space and use simple and iconic colors scheme such as blue and white linen to eco watery blue ocean. Remember, Simplicity, functionality and going green is this theme all about.

3. Tropical Island inspiration

Beach houses are usually laid-back and casual. And you can incorporate this feeling into your bedroom. You can play around with different colors and design on items like bedcover, pillows, rugs and lamps.

You will feel like you are on holiday year-round.

4. Compact Bunk Beds

If you always have sleepover guest, then you can consider this beach-inspired design. This unique design uses cantilevered frames and lacquered wood and make it a camp-style bunkroom that provide extra space to your guest. Bedding with customized stripe patterns completes the look of amazing coastal quarters

5. Bright Kid-Friendly Bedroom

If you have kids, I believe your kid is absolutely love the same calming and relaxing feeling of beach inspired bedroom. When decorating kids friendly space, be simple! You can try using Combine prints, stripes and polka dots with cotton and choose 2 tone palette such as blue and white with the shade of each colors.

6. Modern Beach Suite

If you love more modern style, that you can try this theme. This theme is basically focus on natural material such as wood, matchstick and bamboos.

You can also opt for bamboo planking on your bed or floral prints for bed linens. In addition, you could have bamboo drapery hardware, driftwood lamps and matchstick blinds to lend bucolic accents to your personalized furnishings.

7. Shipwrecked Style

This design is fun, and is not easy, you have to decorate your bedroom as like it has been abandoned for long time. Everything must looks like they have been washed up on the beach from a shipwreck.

Think about during the colonial period because colonialists were among the first people to sail in magnificent ships with grand sleeping chambers. Consider going all out with an iron four-poster bed.

8. Gothic by the Beach

Sometimes simplicity is the best and it still able to create luxurious and stylish.

With the combination of blue, white and yellow, you can create stylish and luxurious décor for your room. You can also combine hard and soft element to bring out contemporary gothic look.

Despite the vividness, this still remains a peaceful beach-inspired design for your bedroom.

9. Symmetrically Styled

This design might require more space in your bedroom because it required to add more thing like side tables, folding benches and lamp and twin bed for your guestroom.

It needs plenty of white and blue colors to create a gentle coastal place.  You can also use chocolate brownish cane and rattan headboard to complete the final touches.

In Summary

Honestly, There are tons of beach, coastal and nautical bedroom ideas you can add to your own home. You can also find a lot of inspiration from tropical themed bedrooms as well.

Regardless what theme is it. The major key is still the furniture, flooring, bedding, wall décor and colors. We hope that the above ideas and inspiration above to help you in creating the relaxing bedrooms that match the atmosphere of the ocean vibes. You are also browse on our other article for more ideas too.