Beach Spoon Rests & Nautical Spoon Rests

Beach Spoon Rests

You have a beautiful nautical themed kitchen and for sure you will always cook in the kitchen. Something that you must have when you are cooking and flipping meat on the stove or stirring large soup, is the beach spoon rest that you can place your spatula or wooden spoon.

Now, in Ocean decors, You can find a lot of beautiful and unique nautical spoon rest that match your entire nautical themed kitchen. We have huge list of beach kitchen spoon rests that features starfish, sharks, whales, anchor and many more that you can choose for your kitchen accessories.

Beach Spoon Rests

Beach Kitchen Decor & Coastal Kitchen Decors

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Beach Kitchen Decor & Coastal Kitchen Decors

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How to Choose Beach Spoon Rests

There are things that you should keep in mind when choosing the best fit coastal, nautical, and beach themed spoon rest for your kitchen and we had list them out below for your reference. You are always welcome to leave a comment if you still unable to find something that you want.

We had put together a list of our absolute favorite coastal spoon rests above for your selection. All of the above are unique and fit perfectly with nautical, beach, coastal and tropical themed design, These themed tropical spoon rest can really add extra charm to your overall décor and catching your guest eyeball.

Why You Need a Coastal Spoon Rest

You spent a lot of time and effort designing your coastal themed kitchen by adding nice coat of paint, new cabinet, flooring, counter-tops and more. If you don’t add some of the beautiful accent to complete it, it might always lack of something.

These beautiful accents such as beach salt and paper shakers, dishes, coastal napkin holder and many more are something you will need in order to complete your overall design. You will not want your counter tops to get dirty or messy when you are cooking which is why you need a beach spoon rests to place your spatula or wooden spoon. This improve hygiene and at the same time contribute to your coastal kitchen design.

Coastal Spoon Rest Theme

When choosing the spoon rest, you want to make sure it match your overall design and themes of your kitchen. Secondly, you need to choose the pattern that you love, Do you love seashells or starfish patterns? Or do you like something nautical like anchor or lighthouse?

We had all varieties of options which we believe you can find something that match your entire decoration. We have a fish themed kitchen and we always use fish dish as a spoon rest and I can tell you it works perfectly.

Beach Spoon Rest Colors

Color is the second thing you need to think of when buying a spoon rests. You don’t want something odd colors that does not match your overall design even is only a beach spoon rest.

Choose the colors that match the color scheme and patterns in your kitchen. For example, if you kitchen colors is more towards to combination of light blue, brown and white, you can consider choosing white or blue color to match it. you can also choose some that have fish pattern on it to match with your entire décor.

The options are varies and it really depends on the overall design or your kitchen, find the best fit colors and patterns that you think it will best create a nice accent colors for your kitchen.

Spoon Rest Size

Lastly, Choosing the right spoon rest size also matters, it is not too critical but it matters. The size of beach spoon rest are usually very similar but you can find some are larger sizes and some are smaller than usual(less than 6 inches).

Whether is larger or small or normal sizes spoon rest. To us, it all good because is really depends on the person who use it. You can refer to our kitchen beach decor article to get more ideas choosing the right size spoon rest.

In Summary

We hope with some tips and guide above, you are able to find the best beach spoon rest for your kitchen. We believe with out huge list above with different themes, colors, sizes and style that we have, you will definitely able to find something that fit perfectly to your overall designs.