Beach Wall Sconce Lights & Coastal Wall Sconces

Beach Wall Sconces

Lights is an important thing for any home. When you reach home at night at the front door, you will need coastal wall sconces to light up your way. And if you wanted to rest and relax at your back patio during night time, you will definitely need lights as well. 

Therefore one of the best options to light up your patio or your front door is to get a coastal wall lights or a beach wall sconces. It is unique and it fit perfectly to coastal themed home.

We had put together a huge list of beautiful coastal sconces list for your selection, they can be mount on your porch, on your deck, and side of your house. It is suitable to use for both indoor and outdoors. It is easy to install and can hang anywhere you want at your home to improve the overall outlook of your coastal home.

Beach Wall Sconces

What is a Wall Sconce Lighting?

Wall sconce are something that you can hang it on the wall with a bracket that holds a light bulb or another light source like candles. It is like a lantern that could protect the candle from winds. An easier definition is a wall mounted lighting fixture that you can use for both indoor or outdoor at your entry way, headboard, or even your bathroom.

That’s the reason why this design is so popular and it works very well in a coastal, beach, nautical home as it usually demonstrate the feel and nice breeze that you always opt for. In old days, it might use candles but now adays these beach wall sconces are design to connected to electrical power with a light bulb that will help to light up the area that you want.

How to Choose Beach Wall Sconces

There are couple of thing you need to consider before you purchase your coastal wall sconces. Such as the sizes, height, weight, light source, price, fixture type, price, theme, shade style and many more.  It really depends on the area you want to install it but we had compile some important factor below for you to refer before you decide to purchase any of them. There are many lighting options for your beach home and wall sconces lightings are one of them that you can choose from.

Sconce Style

When choosing a wall sconces lighting for your home. First, make sure it match the rest of your home overall design and styles. Secondly, there are different types of wall sconces lighting, you can find those like tropical, beach, coastal, rustic or modern styles and many more. Make sure you know your overall design style which is the best fit to the area you want to install.

For open sea coastal design home, You can consider using antique lanterns. likewise if you have open airy tropical home, you can consider using palm tree wall sconces. It highly depends on the overall decoration themes for your home.

Sconce Size

In order to find the right sconce size for the space that you would want to install. First, you need to know whether you are installing it indoor or outdoor.

Usually you have larger space in outdoors where you can opt for larger wall sconces about 15 inches wide and 20 inches tall. You might want something smaller if you are installing it in your front porch which is about 10 inches wide and 15 inches tall.

Is all depends on the space that you have to install this beautiful wall scones. So, make sure you measure it properly before you purchase it.


There are many different style of wall sconces lighting. First, ask yourself what kind of light sources you prefer, do you prefer incandescent, CFL or LED type? Second, how many lightbulb you need, you can choose the wall sconce with the number of light bulb you want.

The most popular light source nowadays is LED and if you buy the wall sconces with LED lights, it usually comes in a sets without needed to buy extra bulb. The pro is it comes in a set but the cons is if the bulb spoiled, you need to change the entire wall sconces.

You can also find traditional wall sconces with light bulb and this you have the option to use normal light bulb or LED light bulb.

Beach Wall Sconce Finish

Next is the wall sconce finishes. There are varieties of wall sconces finishes that you can choose from such as nickel, brass, bronze, gold, chrome, silver, white and many more.

Whether you need something more rustic or something more modern, You will be able find all these option in different colors and styles to fit with your beach home design.

Beach Sconce Shades

Beach sconce shades is another area that has many option you can choose from. You can find these shade ranges from frost glass to glass to crystal and to fabrics.

Sconces shade is important is it helps to protect the light. We prefer clear glass and crystal types because it is able to light up your room with sufficient light sources while it is popular and look nicest.

Lighting Type

Lastly, Lighting type is something we need to consider too when purchasing wall sconces. There are options like with battery powered, solar power, candles and electricity type.

Obviously, the most popular one is electricity type because it is less hassle and almost all home will have electricity. Even though electricity type is most common and most popular, We can also add some like candle type in patio or front porch just in case there are no electricity supply, you will have some backup to use candle light. Also, it creates and old times memories and feel using candle light sometimes.

Where To Put Your Sconce?

Sconces are great option to be included in your home décors. It usually comes in pairs regardless what type of lighting source you are choosing.

For candles sconces, we highly recommend you hang them similarly to the picture, put them next to each other about a foot apart, it looks awesome and bring the feel of beach to your beach home.

As for electric wall scones, you can consider place them at the front door, a fire place or in the entryway or hallway. once it light up, it brings the beachy feels that you always desire into your beach home.

For better visualization, Wall sconces installation preferably higher depending on the space. The lowest point will be at eye level else it will look awkward.

In Summary

We truly hope that you will find the best fit coastal wall sconces for your beach home. We had huge list of beautiful beach wall sconces for your to choose above and some are having old weathered beach feels that definitely will add extra charm to your home.