10 Ideas for Beach Themed Furniture

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It is exciting when you are moving to your new home. The excitement that comes with decorating your home and looking for new furniture that makes your dream home.

In this articles, I will share with you on some great ideas for beach themed furniture that you might be looking all this while.

Having your own place means that you want it to be furnish to a theme that match your styles and taste. Themes can be range from gaudy to a minimalist feel. Most of the people will choose to hire professional interior designer if beach décor theme is not your strength of creativity. But if budget is your constraint, You can get some ideas from décor magazine, online blogs or Pinterest. Although it might not as perfect as interior designer, but is a beach décor style that DIY by yourself.

Beach themed is one of the great theme that many people love it. It can be fun because there are a lot of thing you need to consider, from colors to accessories to space.

All these item make a huge different to the entire design. If it done it correctly, it will gives the entire place a carefree and relaxation mood and feel associated with the beach.  The good news is, you can actually achieve this even thought your home is away from the shore line.

Below, you can find some of the décor ideas that can help you to design your home into Malibu Inspired Beach House. This is a great sample of beach home take a reference.

Beach Themed Decor and Furniture Ideas

  1. Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is best for Beach themed décor. Mix of different wood not only creates the feels like you are along the beach. But it also gives the impression of timeless look for your home. Lastly, Wood furniture is very durable and long lasting.

  1. Lighting

One of the key elements that you need to include in the theme, which is beach themed lighting. Be sure there is enough lighting in the house that is beach themed related like starfish, seashells and more. You can consider to have white colors as main wall colors and it amplifies the light that could make your entire house looks even brighter.

  1. Pillows

Choose Beach themed pillows. You can get the ready made pillow that is related to beach with seashell print, palm tree and many more. Or you can have them tailor made on what on what you love the most.

You can also go for nautical theme like having a pillow with anchor print on them. At the end, Make sure the color you choose is match with the rest of the furniture colors.

  1. Window Coverings

Windows covering is a must for every house. You can go for roman blinds or linen curtains. Personally I like linen curtains as it is easy to clean and you have more option on colors.

Shutters are also a great idea to create nice and cool timeless look. You can also add marine inspired related creativity like using ropes as curtain holder.

  1. Natural Floor Coverings

Natural floor covering gives the room a traditional, nautical feel. Try coir or sea grass on your own floors.

  1. Accessorizing

If you decorating beach themed home. There is no way you should miss out beach theme accessories. You can get variety of beach themed accessories features seashells, palm tree and many more. Also, you can also try nautical or marine painting to compliment the theme.

Just remember, Don’t go overboard even if you like it so much. Remember not always more is best.

  1. Colors

When choosing the beach theme colors, the most popular colors are white and hues of blues. This color represent the color of the beach and oceans. You can also use some other colors like red, green and yellow. But personally I like white and blue.

For instance, you can have your wall with white colors and match with décor item that comes in blue such as blue rug in the living area.

You can also get beach themed wall paper or beach themed decals in certain areas such as bathroom or in the kids room.

  1. Patio

If you have a balcony or patio, You can consider some beach inspired outdoor furniture including rocking chair, hammock and even day bed. Adding a sign post or a floater on the wall that beach inspired make it even more beachy. You can also use some log as table or chair or repurpose a surfboard as coffee table. Creativity makes the difference!

  1. DIY Projects

If you love DIY, you can also DIY it to add oomph to your beach themed décor. there are many beach inspire items you can use to DIY such as seashells, sands, rock, ropes and many mores to create accessories that compliment the themes.

Not only it will save some buck, but it can be fun and you will be very satisfied with your one masterpiece.

  1. Woven Detail

Woven details are always great option for beach theme. Instead of using leather sofa, I believe woven seats is even better, You can easily complete the look with nautical accessories and some nice pillow.

Other than that, you can also opt for a woven floor rugs for a timeless look.

In Summary

Creating a beach theme home might not be easy, but it can be fun. If you are lack of inspiration and ideas, We had provide some of our tips and guides above that you can refer. You can also find a lot of  beach theme related décor image or ideas online like pinterest board or home décor website. You just need so spent some times to write down your requirement then it will be easy for your to design your beach themed home.