Beach Chandeliers & Coastal Chandeliers

Beach Chandeliers

There are many beautiful chandeliers in the market but if you have a specific beach-themed house, it can be difficult to get a beach chandelier that fits your home. We know this is hard and therefore we had put together a list of our most favorite coastal chandeliers for your selection.

Beach-themed lighting is obviously required in a beach home as it lights up your beautiful beach home. Whether in the kitchen, bedroom, or living room, You can find the perfect coastal, beach, tropical, or nautical themed chandelier and install it so that everyone could see it.

Just keep browsing and scroll for your favorite beach chandelier and we are sure you can find something that you love.

Best Beach Chandeliers For Sale

How to Choose Beach Chandeliers

When you are decorating your beach home and you need some beautiful lighting to signify your nautical décor. The best option is to purchase a beach chandelier!

But how and what should you be looking for when buying a beach chandelier? We had been through this and that’s why we come up with some tips and easy guides that would help you.

You can get some placement ideas, the cost of the chandeliers, and how to choose the chandelier that matches your overall beach home décor.

Just keep reading and you will be able to get the best beach chandelier for your home today!

Why You Need a Coastal Chandeliers

Beach Chandelier is unique and iconic when you place it in your foyers, office space, dining area, or even in the kitchen. It looks so amazing and simply fascinating!

If you are looking for special design to incorporate into your beach theme home, there is no other are more suitable than getting a beautiful beach chandeliers. 

You will love it by looking up at the light fixture that gives your the feels of warm ocean breezes and feet in the sand.

Popular Beach Themed Chandeliers

It is not easy to find something that you want. What you can find in the local store is mainly standard modern look chandeliers.

In fact, there are many beautiful options that we listed below that helps you to get your perfect beach-themed chandelier rather than you have to go store by store to find it.

Just take note of the sizes of the chandelier so that it fits the space that you are going to place it.

Types and Styles of Beach Chandeliers

Beach Chandeliers are so amazing when you place them in your beach home. There are so many amazing styles and will make your nautical home looks so stunning.

Look for a simple to moderate design chandelier that made out of seashells, starfish, sand dollar, seahorse, and more.

The reason being you don’t want your nautical home the is simple and relax has something very complicated. Choose the colors that match your home and are all good.

Seahorse Chandeliers

Seahorse chandeliers are one of the designs that we love the most. It is not easy to find this type of seahorse chandelier where the seahorses are holding up the lampshades. To us, this is very unique and beautiful.

Sea Glass Chandeliers

Chandeliers made up of sea glass are beautiful and come in a variety of colors. Both are breathtaking and pastel in colors. When combined with lights, it creates a very good environment feel that makes your beach home amazing.

Nautical Chandeliers

There are many different styles of nautical look chandeliers that should attract you, some are rustic old look including rope, lanterns, and metal. Check out more in our best list and guide for nautical chandeliers here.

Capiz Chandeliers

Another great option is capiz shell chandeliers that you can consider. it is absolutely perfect for a coastal house, having a light and relax feeling over the beach home. Check out the above capiz chandelier!

Driftwood Chandeliers

You can try our driftwood or beach wood chandelier as its worn and distressed look are very popular nowadays. It looks just perfect for tropical-themed décor.

Coral Chandeliers

Some of this is made with real coral, this chandelier is amazing and when you hang it in your beach home, it looks like you are under the sea with all the corals. You can find different variety of Coral chandelier styles, shapes, colors, and styles. Choose one that matches your beach-themed colors.

Fish Chandeliers

The fixture that made up of metal where you can find different kinds of styles compose of fish, mermaid, starfish, and other beach and marine life. It is quite a cool design perfect for a nautical home.

Octopus Chandeliers

Octopus chandeliers are where the styles like an octopus using his arm holding the lamps. This octopus-style chandelier creates the nautical feels in your beach home.

Placement Idea for Chandeliers

We hope that the above ideas help you to make a decision on which style of beach chandelier catches your attention. Before you decide to purchase it, there is some other minor thing you need to consider which is the sizes and location you want to place beautiful chandeliers.

Smaller sizes beach chandeliers usually work pretty well for bathrooms or over kitchen sinks.

If you are getting for your bedroom, hallways and over kitchen island, it is recommended to get medium sizes beach chandeliers. If your living room or dining room has huge space, then you can consider getting a large beach-themed chandelier. It also works pretty well in the foyer or over your dining table.

Chandelier Price Range

Next is the prices of the chandelier. Of course, the size and material used for the beach chandelier define the prices. Usually higher quality and design cost higher. But we had put in some general guidelines here to help you to decide:

  • Small chandeliers usually start from $100 and up to a few hundred dollars depends on the styles. It is made with natural coral chandeliers it can start from a few hundred dollars and above.
  • Medium Chandeliers from around $300 all the way up to $1,000 or more
  • Large Chandeliers usually is the most expensive and typically from $500 to several thousand dollars

Depends on your budget, a beach chandelier made of natural material that is unique obviously will be more expensive. If you are looking for an affordable option, you can look for some that made of glass or metal, even though it is man-made material but it still works very well for your beach home with the correct design, size, and color.

Chandelier Design Tips

There are many styles of beach chandelier you can choose from in order to integrate into your home décor. It doesn’t need to be expensive beach chandelier, some affordable chandelier is as good as expensive one. Sea glass chandeliers is works pretty well on any other décor themed, it is colorful and looks elegant.

Coral design chandelier makes your décor looks like you are in the underwater world where your guest will be impressed. Same as those marine life chandelier such as fish, octopus and seahorse. It is perfect fit for coastal themed house.

Lastly, beach word or driftwood design works amazingly with distressed look beach décor.

Therefore, understand your basic on your home décor will help you to get the type of beach chandelier easily.

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Beach Chandelier Design Inspirations

You might be stuck in decorating your beach home. No worry, you just need some extra inspiration and ideas to get things going. We had provide some great idea on design below to help you to kickstart.

Not only you can understand what’s your needs, you also will understand how you can match those colors with different styles of beach chandelier over your bedroom, dining room table and living hall.

Palo Alto New Home Design by Creative Shot, Inc.

Palo Alto New Home Design

by Creative Shot, Inc.


Peninsula Point by Blackband Design

Peninsula Point

by Blackband Design

Cozy Beach Retreat in Corona Del Mar by McKee & Company

Cozy Beach Retreat in Corona Del Mar

by McKee & Company

Newport Coast by Blackband Design

Newport Coast

by Blackband Design

Beach Design II by Bruce Palmer Coastal Design

Beach Design II

by Bruce Palmer Coastal Design

In Summary

Even though a beach chandelier is good and fits in any home. But in the other way round, not every type of chandelier fits beach or nautical themed beach home. Therefore, if you have a beach themed home, you want it every décor that is related to it. Fortunately, we had consolidates all the amazing beach themed chandelier here to make your task easier. So, use our buying guide above and you can start searching a beautiful chandelier for your nautical home now!

Bonus Tips:

There is not much specific beach themed specialty store in the market as we knows. If you happen to know one, that’s good as you can see the physical item in the store. Else, It is best to start searching online first so that you have the best opportunity to see all kind of different beach themed design chandeliers.