Beach Duvet Covers & Coastal Duvet Covers

Beach Duvets

Coastal homes represent happiness and relaxation. And you want your beach home to be as comfortable as possible from inside to outside. Beach duvet covers are one of the items that you should not miss to get them a comfortable and relaxing beach home.

Getting the right bedding set not only allows you to have a better sleep but also allows your coastal bedroom looks standout. With the right color scheme, style and pattern, you will able to make your beach bedroom a nice place to sleep, relax and stay with a peaceful mind.

We know it is hard to get the right coastal duvet covers if you are going to shop in a local store. There might be not many options in the local store that attracts you. Therefore we had gathered some of the most popular and beautiful beach duvet cover here. We believe it will definitely attract your attention to give a go for your own coastal home.

Beach Duvet Cover Styles

There are many beach duvet cover styles available, try to get a coastal themed duvet cover that will add a bright and airy feeling to your coastal bedroom.

Let’s go through the following different styles you should consider and think about:

Coastal Themed Duvet Cover Sets

When comes to coastal themed bedroom décor. The easiest and popular option is choosing coastal-themed beach duvet covers. You can find many different styles that include white and blue color schemes or prints associated with the beach or sea. Such as seashells, fish, mermaid, palm tree, starfish, boats and etc.

It is very obvious that using coastal-themed beach covers in your beach house allows you to match all the coastal décor easily as well as your surrounding environment. However, to make your beach duvet cover, even more, stand out, make sure your beach room is on a more plain and natural side. This will give extra prominence to your coastal duvet cover in the room.

Duvet Covers with Stripes

Stripe nautical themed duvet covers are quite popular nowadays, because it is simple, classic and stand out.

There are many options for the stripe print that you can go for. Large and thick or thinner stripes, vertically, diagonally, or horizontally stripes. Some are through the entire duvet covers and some the stripes only on certain sections of the covers. Depends on your preferences, duvet covers with stripes are a great option!

You can also customize it by color. Single color or multi-color are both good to make it your own. I will suggest for the coastal theme, opt for natural ocean colors like white and blue to keep the atmosphere going. But also depends on your overall theme colors, you can mix and match base on your overall theme color design.

Duvet covers with stripes usually can suit any type of room. Just make sure you decide the color scheme beforehand.

Plain or Solid Coastal Duvet Covers

Another great option is to have a plain-colored beach duvet cover. Neutral, soft colors such as white, blue, navy or any watercolor hue are best for this situation. These colors hue is great because is can tag along with any other color theme in the room. Furthermore, it can really add calm and softness to your beach room.

In addition, you will have a classic and classy feeling that makes you feel comfortable and relax. So opt for a plain or solid coastal duvet cover to complete your coastal home’s aesthetics.

Bold Tropical Duvet Covers

Bold tropical duvet covers are a great option for the neutral and plain color room. Using bold color will make your beach duvet cover the focal point in the room. Yellow, blue, purple, and green works pretty well because different shades are bold without being too much.

It gives prominence in your coastal home without being too obvious. However, it added an extra glow to your room and this is what we should be looking for in our coastal home because it represents happiness and serenity.

Patchwork Nautical Duvet Covers

For a kid’s room, you can consider using patchwork beach duvet covers for your kids. This option is great because it added fun and vibrancy elements to your coastal home.

Patchwork duvet covers are best in a neutral or plain side room because it has many elements to it. which means this beach duvet cover will stand out and be a focus on whenever you are in the room.

Duvet Cover Fabrics

Duvet Cover fabric is one of the important considerations when you buying your beach duvet covers. You might need to consider choosing something that is easy to clean and care for. And also the surrounding environment of your coastal home. This is important as it will impact the lifespan of your beach duvet cover.

A couple of great fabrics like cotton, sateen, and Egyptian cotton is a great option when choosing your beach duvet covers. It feels soft and comfortable and at the same time, it does the work to protect your comforter. Some other fabrics that you can also consider are silk and polyester. Personally, I prefer using cotton fabric beach duvet covers.

Beach Bedroom Inspiration

We had list down 5 inspiration designs from Houzz that you can refer to. It helps you to get ideas and inspiration when buying your beach duvet covers.

Master bedroom

Siesta Key, Florida

Nantucket Bedroom

Nautical Beach Bedroom

Coastal Luxe Bedroom

Why Beach Duvet Covers?

Every coastal bedroom will definitely have a comforter, and we need beach duvet covers to protect the comforter. It not only protects from water ruin the stuffing, but it also helps to protect the comforter from dust and dirt. In addition, the beautiful print on the beach duvet cover, also make vibrant to your overall coastal home décor.

In Summary

There are so many styles and designs of beach duvet covers to choose from to fit your coastal home. What makes the best feeling when you jumping into the bed under this warm and comfortable beach duvet cover? Enhance your beach house décor and get your best-fit coastal duvet covers today!