50++ Beach-Themed Kitchen Ideas


If you are struggling with beach kitchen design, Don’t forget to check out our beautiful beach kitchen designs below.

We had listed 65 inspirations of a variety of beachy kitchens with different styles, colors, and some that you can recreate in any space for your references.

We love bright coastal kitchens and hopefully, you will like the one we show as well.

Don’t rush and scroll slowly below with all the designs as we pulled all full-sized images from Houzz along with who designed it. For sure you will find something that is a perfect match for your beach home.

Beach Kitchen Design

1. Historic Cottage Makeover

historic cottage makeover kevin rugee architect inc img~b7b158cd08b0bc87 8 0647 1 31cf3a6

2. Beach Style Kitchen

kitchen echelon custom homes img~ba7106650d810917 8 1728 1 8c7b6f5

3. Coastal Kitchen Blue Backsplash

coastal kitchen blue backsplash fireclay tile img~8091cb2b0b92e4f6 8 1149 1 41877f1

4. Stylish Riverfront

stylish riverfront saltwater kitchen and bath studio img~3451a8370a736748 8 9464 1 2049907

5. Pretty Tropical Touches in South Carolina

my houzz pretty tropical touches in south carolina margaret wright photography img~af11a5020ab94f6d 8 3122 1 18a200c

6. This Old House 2017 Idea House

this old house 2017 idea house sweenor builders incorporated img~8491325909d3a513 8 4371 1 fa4fb7d

7. Rhode Island Beach House

rhode island beach house rachel reider interiors img~55d1e7520239ee5a 8 0509 1 2cf4e86

8. Huge Island Kitchen

kitchen echelon custom homes img~dc212f970ecd0e33 8 1400 1 76daf7c

9. Compact Rehoboth Beach Kitchen

rehoboth beach custom home echelon interiors img~b141c35508b5a850 8 6608 1 6034fff

10. Coastal Elegance

coastal elegance somrak kitchens inc img~18f140010293bc70 8 8702 1 85375a8

11. Kate Marker Leo Cottage Makeover with Big Chill Appliances

kate marker leo cottage makeover with big chill appliances big chill img~ede18cda0d642d00 8 6154 1 a18977f

12. Shorewood Remodel

shorewood remodel lake country builders img~2b61e2f60b9c0972 8 9948 1 e71aec2

13. Martha’s Vineyard Beach Cottage

martha s vineyard beach cottage elizabeth swartz interiors img~aa8120ed003fa19c 8 0643 1 e8c0001

14. Kitchen

kitchen jules duffy designs img~c901512b0d41b945 8 3159 1 09d5366

15. 1512 Dolphin Terrace

1512 dolphin terrace spinnaker development img~07415ff10e36c78b 8 3299 1 d21da70

16. La Salle Model Kitchen

la salle model in twin eagles naples fl divco custom homes img~0141a83804076d4d 8 6843 1 9d42faf

17. Navy is a Neutral Ranch Remodel & Addition

navy is a neutral ranch remodel and addition kbg design img~5491e0990ca7a8a9 8 9092 1 0058a24

18. Stained Glass by Inside Stories

stained glass inside stories by duet design group img~6f31c20009dbf6bb 8 2235 1 a4dac99

19. Ocean Front Belle Harbor

ocean front belle harbor sand bar contractors img~1931332c094ae545 8 2200 1 f3ad3a2

20. Nantucket Beach House

nantucket beach house ike kligerman barkley img~f761991c0511b28f 8 6135 1 daf4b18

21. Seaside Sophistication 3

seaside sophistication toledo geller img~248171020d1cf1b9 8 8854 1 727f377

22. Whitewater Retreat

whitewater retreat geneva cabinet company llc img~06e124920bd9f0d3 8 7362 1 a7902e4

23. Beach Cottage in Oceanside

beach cottage in oceanside charmean neithart interiors img~6361355e026b2462 8 2931 1 72b621b

24. Naples Remodel Condo

naples remodel condo little palm design group img~18c198ef02570c2f 8 8877 1 e1bc8a1

25. A Family Kitchen Rye

light white and bright a family kitchen rye ny designsmith interiors img~783100f808ae019a 8 5236 1 fec884a

26. Harbor View

harbor view hutker architects img~75e17bb20d9229a0 8 4023 1 8fdf347

27. Great Room Island

great room island francie milano kitchens inc img~8ad1d423092317d7 8 8394 1 d8e1616

28. Intracoastal Dream

intracoastal dream slc architect llc img~c171cdae07f42b17 8 9363 1 4743960

29. Bartan Project

bartan project minnesota private residence lappin lighting img~60d153b60bb79427 8 3867 1 b383366

30. The Doheny Penthouse

the doheny penthouse osinoff general contractors img~a5e103c00aa1906f 8 2863 1 e96a9aa

31. Glen Lake Shingle Style

glen lake shingle style joseph mosey architecture inc img~31d121340a2abce0 8 8032 1 a6907dc

32. Belmont Full House Remodel

belmont full house remodel bruce construction img~f4d128b70a1d87d0 8 0423 1 824e4a3

33. Kingswood

kingswood black bear builders inc img~4421c2030c1a799d 8 8915 1 f0f4dd7

34. Watersound

watersound design and dwell homes llc img~912162b00c4a0593 8 7167 1 4285586

35. Vermillion 3

vermilion 3 geoff chick and associates img~05f1758205f9d156 8 6205 1 31845a7

36. Seaside Sophistication 2

seaside sophistication toledo geller img~0051c4680d1cf1b6 8 8880 1 ecfb856

37. Ponte Vedra Residence

ponte vedra residence beach chic design img~ded16d520045e577 8 1251 1 10698d7

38. Private Residence Talis Park

interiors by design west private residence talis park phillip cates photography img~c371133c08743e6e 8 4202 1 7ed7663

39. California Coastal Kitchen

california coastal dd interior design img~c021127808a7cb80 8 8835 1 9247f0e

40. Apartment #1

apartment 1 moulton layne p l img~8291ab2006902be5 8 8346 1 90bd2c3

41. Beach House 2019

beach house 2019 kelly nelson designs img~a7b1117b0d1cbe10 8 6579 1 8fe2d70

42. 61st Street

61st street amato architecture img~1221c0da09cb4527 8 8925 1 15ef6be

43. Classic White Cottage

classic white cottage kitchen choreography img~e661e2d705e759db 8 2167 1 8252fb6

44.  Reclaimed Sullivan’s Island Cottage

reclaimed sullivan s island cottage herlong architects img~95e1744809dd2e5c 8 7563 1 08fe493

45. Tidewater Plantation Home – South Island

tidewater plantation home south island babb custom homes img~35210529060988bb 8 1619 1 91bd52f

46. Open Plan Traditional – Modern Living For Today’s Family

open plan traditional modern living for today s family heydt designs img~fff1daf8062a7d17 8 9940 1 b278d6b

47. The West Hampton

the west hampton tradewinds general contracting inc img~680129af096f944b 8 5311 1 7f7d148

48. Ocean City On The Bay

ocean city on the bay diane burgoyne interiors img~bcf1f3f40d51c4e1 8 9585 1 712d970

49. Kitchen Island & Breakfast Nook

kitchen island and breakfast nook lauren shadid architecture and interiors img~52d1ea97044035db 8 8730 1 6c8a8af

50. House of Blues

house of blues alison kandler interior design img~ea9128740ca5828c 8 0741 1 ae539d4

51. Coastal Mediterranean Carlsbad

coastal mediterranean carlsbad intimate living interiors img~351110d80aa2e91b 8 3562 1 00f89a5

52. Mill Valley Calm

mill valley calm ann lowengart interiors img~faa141a309c40840 8 1314 1 b644af3

53. Whidbey Island Beach House

whidbey island beach house kitchen remodel kristi spouse interiors img~5c21f17d020ab766 8 7443 1 2c40385

54. Seashore Kitchen

seashore legacy custom homes img~ead1ecdc05e78131 8 2071 1 5b640b3

55. Coastal Casual

coastal casual ficarra design associates inc img~2e31eeec053e8c44 8 5611 1 4de84d7

How to Choose Your Beach Kitchen Design

We hope that you love the beach-themed kitchen ideas that show above. We understand how difficult it can be to create a beach décor kitchen. if you don’t have any images or ideas beforehand, you might end up with dissatisfaction with the design due to themes, countertop, flooring, appliances, and many more which do not match at all.

With more samples of different beach-themed kitchen designs, you are now should be able to imagine and know how to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Natural Light In your Beach Kitchen

We all love to live right on the beach with a beautiful beach home. It is best that we had a home with big windows so that we can have natural light that brightens up the kitchen areas.

If your beach home kitchen gets a lot of natural sunlight during day time, try to use a light-colored kitchen with accent colors that push out the entire décor. Not only it beautiful and relaxing, but it will also look better and feel better!

In Summary

If you still struggling with beach kitchen décor tips, Don’t wait and check out our interesting ideas here.

You will definitely get plenty of inspirations and ideas on how to work on your beach-themed kitchen.