Coastal Mirrors & Beach Mirrors

Coastal Mirrors

It is not easy to find a right beach mirrors for your coastal home, there are a lot of choices because of so many styles and themes. But not to worry, we had covered this for you to make sure that you can find the perfect coastal mirror to accent your room.

Whether you like mirror with a shell frame, sand colored theme, tiles themed or a nautical themed. We have everything for you. You can also check out our guide for rope mirrors too.

In Ocean decors, We decided to put together a list of our favorite coastal mirrors for your selection. These beach themed mirrors that features coastal, nautical and tropical themes. You can find those popular mirrors like seashells, mermaid, portholes and many more here. We will make sure you find something that catch your eyes here.

Beach Mirrors

Coastal Mirrors

How to Choose Beach Mirrors

Here in ocean decors, you can find a huge variety of coastal mirrors for your coastal home. These designs featuring nautical, beachy and tropical themes. We had provide some tips and guidance below so that you can choose some of the popular mirrors like seashells, mermaid, portholes turtles and many more that are great for your home décor.

Seashell Mirrors

If you love beach, you will definitely love to display beautiful shells in your home. How to make sure that these beautiful decoration proudly display?

First, seashell mirrors is quite universal, you will need to find an empty spot on your wall that is perfectly fits. Whether is for your living room, bedroom, dining room, hallway to display it. It will make your space looks a lot more elegant.

Second, Measure the size and space of your wall, define the sizes that you need for your wall. If your wall has big space, you don’t want to hang a small mirrors in the middle as it don’t looks good and match.

Third, you might need to focus on the shaped of the shell mirrors. Whether is long floor length, small circle or rectangular shaped.

Lastly, you need to pay attention to the colors and styles, there are lots of choices such as clam, starfish, olive, scallop or oyster type shell with variety of beautiful colors. Just stick to bright and white theme and you will never regret.

DIY Seashell Mirror

If you are a person that like DIY. You can also choose to do it yourself. Although it is kind of hassle but still is your own masterpiece.

You can get all the item like framed mirrors, seashells that you like and super glue from the website like amazon or local craft store. Find some video on youtube to learn and you can start your masterpiece.

You can also use some spray paint on the shell with the color that you like on your new DIY mirror.

Wicker Mirrors

In most coastal home, you can realize that wicker and wood is a must because it can really bring the coastal feeling into your home.

I love wicker because it is long lasting, simple and always creates elegant feel in the home. Wicker fits most of beach, coastal, nautical theme home, you just need to look for large mirror with wicker frame with the color that match and is all set. Easy and nice!

I love white and brown wicker because it brings relaxing and beachy feel. Whether is square, round, or rectangle shaped wicker mirrors, it brings all the beach feels in your home.

Rope Mirrors and Porthole Mirrors

Another great option you can consider is the mirror that features ropes and porthole. These nautical themed mirrors works great in nautical home or any home on the coast.

If you love nautical related décor like ships, ropes, sailboats, and porthole styles. Then this will be your great choices.

In Summary

Finding the right beach mirror might be difficult but it can be fun task. There are so many options between colors, shape, shell type and theme that you need to decide on. Therefore you need to know well with your entire decoration goals that you want to achieve,

If you are lack of inspiration, you can refer to our beach mirror Pinterest board here to get more inspiration. It has also other coastal, beach and nautical related inspiration.

Thank you for reading, we hope you can find the coastal mirror of your dreams!