Best Tropical Area Rugs

Best Tropical Area Rugs

Looking for something to make your space even more beautiful? Then Tropical area rugs is a great choice.

You can find different type of tropical area rugs such as tropical runner, circle or square rug. If you are looking for specific print like palm trees, palm leaves that related to tropical, sometimes it might be difficult to find in local store unless you are staying near by the beach. But no worry, We had got your covered in our online store to help to find the perfect tropical area rugs below.

We had put together a huge list of our favorite and popular tropical area rugs for your selection. With varieties of colors, styles and theme that we have, you will definitely able to find the best fit tropical rugs for your beach home today.

Tropical Area Rugs

We know sometimes is quite difficult to decide and understand what type of tropical rugs work best for you. Therefore we had compile a useful guides and tips that will definitely help you to decide and get the best fit tropical rugs for your home.

Palm Tree Rugs

Palm tree area rugs are the most popular rugs when we think about tropical. They comes in variety of sizes, colors and shapes. generally, most palm tree rugs comes in neutral color like green, brown and beige. These are all tropical related colors and you can easily match with your colors scheme in your home.

Hibiscus and Hawaiian Area Rugs

Another popular area rugs for beach themed homes are hibiscus flower and Hawaiian themes rugs. This rugs add extra tropical elements into your tropical home. Whether you plan to put these rugs in the hall way or in the living room, you can find variety of option with the sizes that you need below.

Tropical Area Rug Inspiration

Honestly, You cant really imagine the beauty of adding tropical area rugs into your home until you see it. Therefore, We had compile the top 6 designs that we think is amazing for your ideas and inspiration.

Each design will provides you some ideas to help you to understand how to use the certain area rugs in your home. You can definitely find more other amazing masterpiece from the designer in We credited all of the designer with the amazing design.

Tropical Area Rug #1

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Tropical Area Rug #2

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Tropical Area Rug #3

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Tropical Area Rug #4

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Tropical Area Rug #5

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Tropical Area Rug #6

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How to Choose Tropical Area Rugs

Did you get some ideas how to choose the best tropical area rugs from the design above?

Now, Let’s us walk through with you some important strategies and ideas to help you find the best tropical themed rugs for your home. There are couple of important factor that you need to consider before you buy these tropical rugs.

1) Rug Style

There are variety of rugs styles you can find, such as antique, modern, coastal, rustic, contemporary, vintage, beach and tropical styles. Some are flat and some are braided.

Depends on your entire décor and the pattern that you love. The rug style must match the rest of the design and home décor that you have so that it has a nice and beautiful flow of tropical feels.

2) Rug Color

As mentioned above, generally the colors that commonly found in tropical are colors like red, green, brown, orange, teal, yellow, purple and more. All this are sharp colors representing the tropical.

Therefore, it is quite easy to find the tropical rugs colors that match your color scheme that you want. Just make sure you have decide your overall design colors, then finding the right color is just easy and straightforward.

3) Rug Shape

There are all kind of rug shape you can find. Whether you want it to be square, runner, round, oval, rectangular or circle shape are rugs. You name it, these rugs will have it.

Our recommendation is, if you plan to get it for your hallway, you can consider using long runners as it can cover your hardwood floors and improve the space.

If you are searching for your living room, depends on how big is your living room. Generally, 9×12 rectangle tropical rugs is well fit in all living room. but if you have bigger living room, you can try on 12×12 square tropical rugs.

4) Rug Material

There are different types of material you can find for area rugs, such as synthetics, cotton, fur, bamboo, wool, silk, sisal, mix fiber and many more.

You need to consider where you are placing it and is there a common area where many people will walk around? Is it for indoor or outdoor?

If yes, you might need to use the material that is easy to clean and wash. Most people love to use synthetic, wool and bamboo for living rooms and silk, fur and so on in their bedroom. Regardless what you are looking for, you can find all kind of rug material for your home.

In Summary

Getting the best fit tropical area rugs is simple, and we believe from the option above, you can find couple of them that fit your needs.

Whether you looking for indoor or outdoor usage, or whether you love palm tree, flower, beach, flip flop or any other tropical related rugs, you will find it in the above list. Generally, some can be cheap and some can be very pricey, all depends on the quality of the area rugs that you are looking for. Of course, high price tends to be have better quality and better design. So, choose it base on your own budget.

If you still struggling to find a tropical area rugs for your home. Please don’t hesitate to let us know and we can try to find what you are looking for. Make sure you shop around for the right deal and style you want.