Coastal Wall Clocks & Beach Wall Clocks

Beach Wall Clocks

If you are looking for beautiful beach home décor for your home. There are so many option you can choose from such as rugs, accents, lamps, and even beach wall clocks. Beach clocks is always essential for a beach homes because they display the time and bring out the décor in the home. Whether is antique, rustic, modern, tropical or nautical types, they are good!

Therefore, we had decide to put a completed list of beautiful beach wall clocks for sales at ocean decors here. You beach home walls that looks empty is perfect to have a nice round or square coastal clock on it.

Beach Wall Clocks For Sale

Coastal Wall Clocks

In ocean decors, You can find many different beach wall clocks that features seashells, starfish, fish, ship wheel, anchors, mermaids, wood and many more. Out of all this option, you will definitely find something that is perfect for your beach walls. If the above still unable to fulfill your needs, no worry, we have plenty more option below

Large Wall Clocks

Some Large Wall clocks From 16″ to 26″ for you to choose from:

Choosing A beach Wall Clock

When choosing a beach wall clocks, something that you need to keep in mind in terms of shape, colors and so on. This will definitely helps you to stay on the correct beach theme, match color scheme and ultimately help you to complete all the wall decor in your coastal house.

We have options for 8” in diameter with different varieties for your to choose from. If you prefer larger size beach wall clocks, We have it too, the size range from 12” to 20” that will fit your empty wall. You just need to scroll and scan slowly to find the best beach wall clock for your coastal home.

Beach Themed Clocks

Depends on your preference, some are more beach and ocean features while others are towards to nautical features that related to the sea. You can find huge variety of beautiful wall clocks like lighthouses, wood slats, ship wheel, anchors, ships, compasses and many more. I would be surprise that you cant find any of it that fits your beach wall. You can also get our parrot “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” clock for your Margaritaville themed bar.

Clock Colors

Depends whether you are towards to tropical color or nautical colors, there are wall clocks that have neutral colors like white, blue and green or even grey. There are also some features bright colors with beach scenes that have green palm trees on it.

Clock Shape

You can find wall clocks in square or round shaped. There are some is like puzzle that you can stick on the wall with the numbers on it. Personally, I like those that stick on wall with the number because it looks unique. But is really depends on your own preference and the entire wall space you had.

Beach Home Clocks

You can find some of our beach wall clocks that feature full beach with the sand, long distance view of ocean and crashing waves. If this is not your cup of tea, some other beautiful beach themed scenes like a palm tree, paradise beach and more should be able to fulfill your requirement.

Large Beach Wall Clocks

If you are looking for large oversized wall clock, We have those too above that you can scroll through. Our favorite large beach wall clocks are at leas 18” and above. Huge wall clocks is cool because you can added extra design to your entire décor, but make sure you have enough space for these huge wall clocks.

These large beach wall clocks might take up a lot of space on your wall but the visibility is good even from a distance. Furthermore, it added colors to your entire design.

Even though now adays we are using cell phone to tell the time but still the pendulum clocks or a unique coastal ocean wall clocks is essential for all homes. Adding these wall clock in your kitchen, bedroom, living room or even outdoor will definitely improve the entire outlook of your decoration and also added some personality to your beautiful home. 

Nautical Wall Clocks

If the above still not enough, You can check also our nautical themed wall clock for sale. Nautical themed clocks usually featuring ship wheel, porthole and anchor themes. If you are a boat lovers or you want your home to be like in the ship, nautical themed clocks is your best choice.

In Summary

We hope you are able to find your best beach wall clock for your beach home in Ocean Decors. You can check out our beach clocks Pinterest board also get more idea. Sometimes, mix and match artwork, wall clock and wall décor is essential to have a new gorgeous look to your coastal home.

If you live near or by the beach. You definitely want to bring the sandy feeling to your beach home. After a whole day of works, you definitely want to go home, relax and enjoy in your beach home that the entire beach decors is what you want.