50+ Coastal Cottages We Love

Coastal Cottage Home Ideas

If you are now in ocean decors website, I truly believe you are a coastal lovers and you definitely love coastal cottages just like we do.

Coastal cottage homes are beautiful and the overall design makes you like you are always by the coast. And the feeling of relaxing and calming that what you always wanted to achieve.

Therefore, we had put together a list of over 50++ coastal cottage home exterior designs to provide you more ideas and inspiration in order to create your own coastal home. Whether you are planning to build your own beach home or just enjoying looking at the cottage style coastal homes. The following list is perfect for you.

Coastal Cottages

Check out the following best coastal cottages home that we truly believe that it will bring you a great ideas and inspirations. We love coastal cottage design and décor ideas as always because they provide great cottages styles that you might be looking for.

Beach Cottage Exterior

beach cottage exterior sea island builders llc img~f1b1cac5017ed662 8 1399 1 794032f

Southampton Beach House

southampton beach house suk design group llp img~0c0163bd07f40272 8 4812 1 7e2ed83

Newport Beach Ocean Front

newport beach ocean front william guidero planning and design img~0b519a6d00f9cfd9 8 1760 1 b08e3a1

HGTV Smart Home 2013

hgtv smart home 2013 glenn layton homes img~11c1fd77026b3bc2 8 1564 1 9f77aa0

Coastal Cottage

coastal cottage tina colebrook architect img~1e319deb01ed95ba 8 4862 1 ff73d67


hampton walker home design img~8c413ec707d088b8 8 4854 1 038d396


montauk pamela glazer architect img~d1712628078fb37f 8 9098 1 c82efee

Eel Point Cottage

eel point cottage chip webster architecture img~1911b619007daffa 8 5108 1 e24801e

Photo by Chip Webster ArchitectureSearch exterior home pictures

Coastal Cottage

coastal cottage tina colebrook architect img~ea41c93801ed95d9 8 4056 1 2fdfe78

Lagoon Home

lagoon home wrightsville beach nc lisle architecture and design img~db31e7d40888d01e 8 1917 1 510e61e

vacation beach house

vacation beach house southwick construction inc img~2471a9d1009838aa 8 2287 1 20e6f31

Beach Style Exterior

sunset rellion homes img~631124cb07c9e495 8 2495 1 059fec5

Beach House Exterior

beach house exterior flagg coastal homes img~43615ff00f88bcdf 8 4168 1 4ab05b7

Many Decks

many decks forst construction inc img~6431002d0824c390 8 5530 1 f7c8f4c

 South Beach

wilcoxon paradise key south beach klaybor and associates inc img~796176c903065fa7 8 9127 1 7d9f32a

Beach Living

beach living peter cadoux architects p c img~d1e143be066ee8bb 8 4933 1 6f7285f

HGTV Smart Home 2013 #2

hgtv smart home 2013 glenn layton homes img~f021ed32026b3c18 8 6941 1 c44dfd3

Sewall’s Point Waterfront Home

sewall s point waterfront home francesca morgan interiors img~d531fdca08ab203a 8 6170 1 d1c9770

Laguna Beach

lombardy lane laguna beach clark collins collins design and development img~866195f2035022be 8 9522 1 04a651a

Darien Peninsula Home

darien peninsula home michael lobuglio architects img~83d15ea0043958fb 8 0170 1 c975fb7

Shinnecock Hills

shinnecock hills pamela glazer architect img~e4719e2506452275 8 0018 1 29ff182

Colleton River Plantation

lowcountry charm colleton river plantation kelly caron designs asid ncidq img~4131651d073f6af6 8 8608 1 8dd5af4

Mac’s Shack

mac s shack the johnson partnership img~db51586e0240e145 8 7871 1 bee81d4

Classic Island Beach Cottage Exterior Elevated

classic island beach cottage exterior elevated sea island builders llc img~0171e96209639809 8 6097 1 ce997c4

Cabot Cove Tiny House

cabot cove tiny house tyler karu design interiors img~bb71fe310b082d75 8 0410 1 5e6a11a

Paradise Key 

wiggins paradise key south beach klaybor and associates inc img~a241a32e03065f8f 8 1175 1 05038e5

Beach Style Cottage

j brown contractors brown glaws contractors fine custom homes img~5351c6c10dc0a691 8 0634 1 ddb08c9

Photo by Brown Glaws Contractors Fine Custom HomesLook for exterior home pictures

Waterfront exterior

waterfront exterior place architecturedesign img~1d310a4f0f578efe 8 3933 1 48f67f4

Custom Carolina Beach Home

custom carolina beach home richard wallace builder inc img~e47171bb080e616a 8 2994 1 8bc74a8

Beach Cottage Exterior with Pool

beach cottage exterior with pool sea island builders llc img~f3b139b9017ed6da 8 1398 1 6534240

Casey Key

casey key onyx construction img~6451e69e040e1f15 8 0681 1 a9c33dd

Summer Solace

summer solace mccown design img~9b91cc32077141cc 8 0235 1 9cbeef8

Lowcountry Charm

lowcountry charm colleton river plantation kelly caron designs asid ncidq img~3e31ebd5073f6a70 8 8610 1 28bdc9a

Florida Cottage

florida cottage lendry homes img~44c10bd30ff1b23f 8 4498 1 d2064f4

Kiawah Island and the Atlantic

kiawah island and the atlantic buffington homes south carolina img~3c01968f088919b2 8 5603 1 92b34c1

Bay View

bay view keith hunter and associates architect img~cbd138c3038780d4 8 9803 1 7281060

Residential Projects

residential projects seth a leeb architect img~7dc11f020689bd06 8 3004 1 66cefa9

Choosing a Coastal Cottage Home

2 main thing when you decided to purchase your own cottage homes is the budget and the location that you are looking for. There are quite huge difference in terms of designs and styles on cottage homes between the one in pacific northwest and the cottage beach homes in the north east.

Also, If you have bigger budget, you will have more variety of option. We love coastal charm in cottage decors and almost all of them provide you the feels like you are living by the coast. And I would say is a perfect dream home for coastal home lovers.

In Summary

Nothing is better than having your own beach cottage home designs. It is simply beautify and elegant, you can easily decorate it with the right accents and colors.

We hope that with the above coastal cottages home that we had provided. You will be able to find some new great ideas and inspiration for your upcoming home project.