Best Nautical Rugs & Nautical Area Rugs

Nautica Area Rugs

If you are planning to decorates your coastal home, then nautical rugs is something that you required. Don’t under estimate this as the right nautical area rugs can make a huge different to your coastal home and give you give a facelift whether is your living room, bedroom, hallway or outdoor space.

Finding a good and right nautical area rugs might not be easy task. Therefore we had compile a list of popular nautical rugs for your selection. With many variety of colors like red, white, navy or blue along with nautical elements like ship wheels, sailboats, lighthouse, anchor and many more.

For sure you will find the best nautical area rugs that is perfect fit for your coastal home below

Nautical Area Rugs

Discover our best nautical rugs below. We had variety of best nautical themed area rugs from small to large sizes and different shape like round, square and rectangle. You will find beautiful rugs like ropes, anchor, lighthouse, ship wheels, turtles, seashells and many more.

Nautical Rug Ideas

If you are running out of ideas, We had provide some tips and guide on the popular nautical elements and themes that you can incorporate on your nautical area rugs. You can find these ideal in the area rugs above!

Anchor Area Rugs

Anchor area rugs are ideal for welcoming your guest. This rugs is suitable for any space in your home whether is indoor or outdoor space. They comes in several sizes, you can choose base on the space that you want this area rugs to be place. Furthermore, it is lightweight and good quality to prevent fading.

Adding this bright nautical rugs to any space in your room will definitely bring a new outlook to your nautical home.

Ship Wheel Area Rugs

One of the popular option to facelift your outdoor or indoors space is using ship wheels themed area rugs. This rugs featuring everywhere ™ durability and you are assure that your investment will last long..

Ship Wheel rugs comes in different sizes and shapes, it is perfect for anywhere in your home and office décor. If you are looking for ship wheel area rugs for your office, bedroom or living room. Remember to measure the right sizes and choose the design and shape that meet your tastes and preference. It will definitely make your space or room like even better.

Lighthouse Area Rugs

Lighthouse rugs is perfect to use indoors or outdoors. Adding beautiful lighthouse on an area rugs adds perfect accents to your nautical home.

If you love lighthouse theme, you will enjoy searching lighthouse area rugs. Imagine you having a beautiful large lighthouse are rugs in the middle of your living room? this makes you feels like you are just beside the beaches with the lighthouses.

Ship Theme Area Rugs

Another great theme that you can choose is ship area rugs, it is beautiful and will bring your beach home the next level. This ship theme area drugs is durable and has compact design that is perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

There are variety of option you can choose from like sailboats, pirate themed ship, fishing boats, large ships and many more. Depends on your preference, one of it will definitely fit your overall nautical home décor.

Compass Area Rugs

When we talk about nautical theme, we should not leave compasses behind. There are many different styles and sizes and compass area rugs are no different.

This compass rugs offer fantastic nautical looks for both home and office decors. The thing I love about compass area rugs is it is so spectacular they way it point direction with gorgeous styles. Imagine if you adding this to you living room or bedroom, it looks absolutely unique and it will makes your family comfortable. The rugs comes in variety of beautiful colors and is one of the best nautical décor for your home.

How to Choose Nautical Rugs

Rug Material

There are many different type of material for nautical are rugs. Some of the popular material such as wool, cotton, jute, silk, natural fibers, and many more.

Depend on where you want to place it, certain rugs are better at your doorstep in your foyer, while others like cotton, silk work better underneath your couch in your living or in your bedroom.

You can also find coir doormats that is popular but you have to see whether it is made with natural fibers or synthetic fibers. Different quality determine the durability of the rugs.

Rug Sizes

There are variety of nautical area rugs sizes. The most common one that we usually see are 8’x10′, 5’x8′, 9’x12′, 6’x9′, 3’x5′, 4’x6′, and runners. Again, depends on where you want to place it, usually you will get larger Square or rectangle rugs for living room and bedroom while Runners are usually use t place in hallways and kitchens.

Square and circle nautical are rugs often works and fits well in any place in your nautical home.

Rug Height

Area rugs usually comes in from flat sizes around ¼ inches to thick sizes that are greater than 1 inch. Thicker are rugs usually more expensive depends on the material and it will hold up longer and more comfortable. Because it is thicker therefore it weight more and not easy to slip when step on it.

Personally I use thinner rugs in area that don’t received much foot traffic and thicker rugs in areas that people walk regularly.

Do be aware of the quality of the area rugs you bought. Thinner and lower quality rugs can lead your to some problem like easy to tear off and easy to slip that might cause you injury.

In Summary

It can be really fun decorating your home beach with nautical rugs. There are so many varieties of indoors and outdoors nautical rugs, some was made by top designers and of course the price will be higher.

Getting the right area rugs with right colors and theme can really make a huge different to the entire design. Therefore, with the list of our favorite nautical area rugs above, you will definitely find something that you love.

So, what are you waiting for? Get one or more of the beautiful nautical rugs for your nautical home today. You will never regret having this in your home.

If you still unable to find any that you like, Do let us know as we constantly update the list of the best nautical area rugs in ocean decors.