Beach Doormats & Coastal Doormats

Beach Doormats

What is better than having a beach doormats when you want to give the beach and nautical vibe to your guest when the first arrive your front door?

Rather than having a empty and dull porch or deck. Add one of these door mat to your coastal home. It is a perfect welcome for your visitor.

You can also use them as accents. If you have a navy or blue themed outdoors, pick a color and a beach themed that help to match the entire design and it will help everything flows together.

Beach Doormats

You can find a huge list of beautiful doormats below. Remember to scroll further for completed descriptions. You can find any styles that you love by clicking on the “More Info” below on any of the products.

How to Choose Beach Doormats

When choosing the beach doormats. The 3 most important thing to check is the quality of material, the design and the durability. You will need a durable doormat as you don’t want to keep replacing it every time due to poor quality.

You also have to know where you place the doormat, whether it match your entire color scheme, so that it looks more natural and have same color flow.

Lastly, material of the doormat is important. Some doormat does not catch dirt or have power water absorption, you may need something that clean your shoes and absorb water if you are back from rainy day.

Doormat Color

Doormat color is important aspect when you decorating your home, you want something that matches your overall design. If you are using beach doormat outside your front door. You might choose the color similar to your outdoor design colors. Otherwise, you can choose brown coir doormat which matched any color scheme. That save your hassle thinking of what color that matches.

As conclusion, you want a doormat that looks like it belongs and dirt proof. Therefore a neutral color is more suitable to match the overall design.

Doormat Design

Before you decide, You have to ask yourself whether you like something more nautical like large anchor? or something playful like beach themed jellybean doormat? Or you prefer to intricate beach themed design on your doormat?

Regardless what you are looking for. We had everything that you might be looking for. In ocean decors, We have seashells, sand dollars, crabs, anchor, ship wheel, sailboat, flip flops, palm tree themed doormat design and many more you can choose from. You will for sure find something that will perfectly fit your beach themed home.

Doormat Price

Doormats usually rage from $10 to $125. Expensive doormats of course will be more durable, better design and definitely will have ultra non slip base. We don’t really recommend doormat that is too cheap as the quality will be bad means you have to replace them often. Thicker doormat tends to be more expensive because of the durability and of course the water absorption will be better.

In the end, Check out the doormat price that work best for your and check out the review on the quality of the doormat before you decide to purchase it.

Doormat Material

There are different types of material for doormats. Different material works differently in different situation. For example, Fiber doormats works better for wiping your shoes and metal doormat are more durable. There are other popular material like synthetic plastic, rubber, plastic and some are using cotton. Depends on your preference and the purpose of the doormat, you can find everything in our store.

Doormat Features

I always recommend a doormat with non-slip backing. This is important because you do not need to worry about accidently slip off during use or during bad weather.

Most doormat now are stain resistant and you can easily wash them with water quickly and they wont hold dirt and mud or sand easily(If you live near the beach!). You can also find some doormat which is reversible which mean you can use both sides. Lastly, I love anti-fatigue doormats because it hold their color and design longer and more durable.

Doormat Words

Getting a doormats with words on it can also help with adding a coastal feel and touch. A simple “Welcome” will look very inviting when you place it in front of your door. You can also find some doormat with some line that have touch of humors, which can make a fun topic around them. Either way, Doormats words can makes a different to your coastal home for you visitor or guest.

Doormat Personalization

If you preferred something more interesting, You can go for customized doormats. Customized doormats has been a new trend lately where you can have your name or whatever you like on the doormat. You can also customized it for special even like having a beach themed party where a doormat with your smiley face right at the entrance to welcome your guest!

Nautical Doormats

We have also other kind of nautical doormats such as sailing object like ships and boats. It could be entire sailboat or part of ship like ship wheel, and anchors, pirates face and ropes. Such designs make your doormats perfectly fits your nautical décor and design and it grabs a lot of attentions.

For those who love sophistication, you can opt for seashell patterns doormats. In fact, there are also some doormats that make base on their shape. Like you can find doormats that are shaped as a large seashell that you great for both indoor and outdoor. Placing them in the our coastal home will add extra colors to the entire nautical decoration and design.

Coir Doormats

One of the most popular type of doormat is the classic coir doormat. Coir doormats are usually brown and made with woven materials. They are thick and perfect for the outdoors because they are weather-resistant. They will last long especially if you get a high-quality one, and they make beautiful beach printed coir doormats.

Decorating Your Beach Home

If you have no idea how to decoration your home, You can consider beach theme as it is one of the best theme and is an ever-green themed that will never outdate.

Everyone loves beaches for different reason, some like sunny side, some love the oceans and some other love the soothing waves. Regardless what you love, is all about relaxation and enjoyment.

Beach themed is ideal theme for parties as well where the beach look give your house without having to splurge on every furnishing.

Achieving a beautiful beach theme décor is not hard. A small tiny change might made a huge different to your entire design. For example, Changing a doormat at your entrance with waves seashell or sand can instantly build up the atmosphere of a beach. Or a beach doormat with rock print can create adventurous beach themed.

Some other ideas like a beach doormats that having sea creatures made on like fishes, crabs, starfish, turtle, and many more. This type of beach doormats add extra colors, feel and freshness to your beach home. In addition, the presence of these doormat make your entire décor very stylish.

Finishing Beach Home Decor

Beach doormats not only is perfect for your beach themed home, It is also perfect for nautical and coastal décor. They add freshness and brightness to your home.

Adding light blue shared for curtain with starfish pattern or handing mirrors with shell frames add extra colors and feels to your home. Also, you can use some blue and white cushion sofa to strengthen the look further. Placing some accents that have elements of sand or tropical palm tree will completed the entire decoration

In Summary

Make sure you choose a nice outdoor beach doormat in front of your entrance so that you guest able to clean off their shoes.

Whether is indoor doormats or outdoor doormats. I believe the above tips and guides has provide you some inside how to choose the best suits beach doormat for your home. Different area of doormat required different functionality and material so that it can last longer so that you no need to change it always.

There are so many aspect to consider when decorating your beach home, and doormats is one of the small changes that makes the different. Usually homeowner don’t really bother about doormat but this small beach doormats will actually make the different to the entire home decoration.