5 Inspiring Beach Home Furniture Ideas

Beach home furniture

Are you looking for some new beach house furniture and also some décor ideas for your beach home?

Well, you are in just the right place in Ocean decors.

You will find a lot of information in our blog for all kind of decors and furniture ideas that you need. It is not difficult to find the most attractive and elegant furnishings for your beach home as like you are breathing in that warm ocean breeze. And in here, you will get the most affordable ideas and inspiration for you to decorate your beach home.

Bring the Beach Indoors

What will you think about beach? To me when think about beach, I think about relaxation and enjoyment. You should always focus on the word relaxation when you are decorating your home.

Decorating a wonderful beach home is not always about lavish details. But always is about the feels in the environment. That doesn’t mean your home has to be dull and boring but it should have an open door feel, so that whether you are inside or outside, you can always remember that you are by the beach.

Furniture to Choose

There are really tons of option that you can choose. and you can easily find some beautiful and elegant furniture for your beach home.

Here, I will provide you some guideline related on how to choose the right couches, chairs and tables that will fit perfectly in your home on the water.


Let’s look at one of the most popular furniture you can purchase which is wicker furniture. You can find variety of colors that you love and it has coastal look to it. The most popular colors is always sandy color and beige as it match perfectly with your beach home colors.

Also, The best part of wicker furniture is you can easily get the cushion color that you love to match your home. If you have a shore house with light blue theme, you can get cushion that match the color of your home color.

In addition, you can always change your home color scheme anytime without changing the wicker furniture. What you need to do is to change the cushion colors and everything is done.

Distressed or Reclaimed Wood

If you notice, most of the beach home you will see a lot of brown and white wood pieces because wood is also one of the iconic thing in the beach home. However, it is not just limited to a house on the coast only, as wood furniture is quite popular in many different types of design.

In order to really capture the beach feel, you can consider to use reclaimed wood as its looks and feel are just like something you can find washed ashore. It’s a great way to bring beach indoor using reclaimed wood.

Also, many people love distressed wood for their other wood furniture like coffee table, accent tables and even artwork.

White or Light Couches

Light and bright color couches are most popular for beach home if you are looking to get one. Again, if you notice, You will rarely see dark color couches in a beach home. One, is because it does really fit the feel and look of the beach home. Second, you will want to bring more spiritual and sunny feel into your beach home.

That’s why having light and bright color couches like white, light green, light yellow or light blue can achieve the goal that a beach home should have.

Accent Pillows

Accent Pillow is something that you should consider to really bring the room together. Depends on your color scheme, you can use accent pillows on a white couch or a lightly colored bedspread to round out any room.

In addition, you can also find many beautiful accent pillows with fish, anchors, waves, boats, starfish and many other ocean related themed to match with your furniture to get extra nautical feel.

Furniture to Avoid

One thing to take note is avoid using leather in your beach home because leather doesn’t really go with coastal feel. Also, modern couches with darker colors should also be avoided.

All this modern furniture usually are more elegant, refine look and feel. It doesn’t really match the theme of comfortable, relaxing look that you want for your beach house.

In Conclusion

From the above, I hope that you do get some ideas and inspiration for your furniture that you are looking for you beach home. You can always personalize something you love into your space with more creativity and ideas. There is no right or wrong.

To me, I love the beach feel regardless indoor or outdoor which is why my selection or design is also common among all those homes on the coast.