6 Best Types of Wall Hanging Tapestries

Wall Hanging Beach tapestry

Are you looking for something to hang on your wall for decorative purpose? Then you should check out wall hanging tapestries.

You will never go wrong with wall hanging tapestries as it has become popular nowadays for bedroom, hippie designs, spiritual rooms, teenagers rooms and college dorm rooms.

Tapestries has so many beautiful colors and designs which makes it so great in bedroom of all ages. Whether you want it to be in your bedroom, or you have a large wall area in the living room, it fits everywhere in your beach home. You will surely find something that helps your entire interior design.

Also, tapestries are always in affordable prices which is why it become so popular décor options for anyone who love it, Plus, you won’t regret it in at all getting this beautiful wall hanging tapestries.

Tapestry Definition

What is tapestry?

Basically it is a piece of thick and thin textile fabric which is a picture or colored threads are woven together or by embroidering on canvas.

What is tapestry used for?

Tapestry is a wall hanging pieces of soft furnishing décor. You can use it in many areas, like used it to cover furniture, walls, or floors or for the decoration of clothing. Many people also call it as wall blankets if you haven’t heard it before.

Wall Hanging Tapestries For Sales

Types of Wall Hanging Tapestries

You can find some of the more popular themes in tapestries below. These design are more toward hippie designs, beautiful landscapes or animals. You can also find a lot of other options nowadays with the colors scheme that match your décor.

Wall hanging tapestry are really wonderful and easy to decorate for your bedroom or your dorm room. As highlighted above, you can also use it to décor your living room or cover your furniture. There are tons of way to use it for decoration depending how you want to use them.

I had put together a list of 6 of my favorites styles of wall tapestries that you can consider to purchase it and integrate it to your home today.

1.  Boho Hippie Tapestries

Hippie and Boho tapestry are the most famous and popular types following the trends these days. They usually comes in brighter colors, elegant design that resemble tie dye.

You will never go wrong to have a hippie wall tapestry in your home décor, because it is affordable, inexpensive and more over it comes with amazing color scheme that makes your room pop and added extra designs on your wall.

One thing to remember is boho tapestries and hippies are interchangeable because the are in the same category.

If you have a spiritual rooms where you always do yoga, meditate and relax. Then hippie tapestries is the best option because they have relaxing feel to the design.

2.  Beach, Ocean, and Nautical Tapestries

You are now in ocean decors, which is a beach and ocean blogs, So of course we should not miss out our ultimate goal to décor our beach home with beach tapestries.

You can find variety of beach, coastal, ocean and nautical related tapestries on the market, Some of it are beautiful scenes of the beach and ocean, some are relaxing feel yellow-orange sunset by the coast and some are beach themed tapestries which have beautiful seashells, sand and waves washing up the shore.

You can also find something nautical themed with different types of fishes in the sea, sailboat, anchor, lighthouse, compasses and many more. All this tapestry are generally comes in bright beach, ocean-inspired colors, extremely beautiful and they are perfectly match in your beach home. Check more on our beach tapestries article here.

3.  Floral Tapestries

If you the type of person that love flower, that floral tapestries are exactly something you need, wall hanging tapestries covered with flowers!

You can find variety of floral tapestries option such daisy’s, sunflower, roses, tulips and many more, I believe whatever flower you like, you can definitely find on in wall hanging tapestries.

You can also consider some botanical tapestries as they are not only having flowers on it but also some plants.

4.  Animal Tapestries

Another great option is animal tapestries, they are a lot of popular one especially elephant tapestry varieties. You can also find beautiful bird series tapestries like owls, seagull, hummingbird, stork and jungles animal series like tiger, wolf, jaguar, domestic cats, lion and giraffes.

These tapestries are amazing for those who want something colorful with the favorite animal on it.

5.  Black and White Tapestries

You can easily find black and white tapestries almost in every categories but in here, I will categories it as own categories because they are so popular.

If you have a home or a room or any area with black and white colors scheme. Then black and white tapestry is the best option. There are plenty in the hippie variety with circular patterns and designs. There are black-white wall tapestries in so many different options that you are guaranteed to find something you love.

6.  Map Tapestries

If you are adventurer or love to travel or a geography lovers, then map tapestry is one of the best option for you. Map tapestries are also popular and you can find it in varieties of colors.

Usually you will get a flat map tapestry with a world map and every continent, but some you can find it with the design of the entire globe shape.

Also, some map tapestries comes in black and white or in brown while others are in bright colors. Depends on your entire home color scheme, you will find the one the perfectly match you décor.

In Summary

With some of the tips and guide above, I truly believe that you can find the ONE tapestry for your home today. All of it are great for a beach home because of their relaxing nature. Boho tapestries and hippie tapestries are the most popular option and you can easily find lots of beautiful colors that suits your needs!

If you still unable to find ONE for your home, Do let us know and we will try our best to assist!