Coastal Daybeds & Beach Daybeds

Beach Coastal Daybeds

If you need something more practical with the combination of a sofa and a bed. Then you should get this beautiful piece of furniture – Coastal Daybeds -for your beach home.

Coastal daybeds are usually use for daily rest. Compare with pull out sofa, they are much more comfortable and you can easily turn them into additional sleeping bed when needed.

We had put together a list of our favorite beachy daybeds for sales below.

Coastal Daybeds For Sale

How to Choose Beach Daybeds

Anyone who loves the sea and is looking to add extra furniture and beach element to the empty space in your beach home, you will definitely love the beach themed daybed.

Your home does not need to be near or by the coast to make it like a beach house. there are tons of furniture you can look for to transform your home with the beachy feel that you want to.  With coastal style daybed, you can easily fit in variety of rooms with beachy feels.

We had put together some of the tips below to assist you in choosing the best daybed for your coastal home.

Why You Need a Coastal Daybed

Beach themed daybeds are good to use if your home has limited space and you want to save the space while having additional sleeping space.

Compare to get a sleeper sofa or a futon, choosing a daybed is a better option. Coastal style daybed is not only useful but it can make it looks better in any of the room, office or even a kids room who has sleep over with friends.

Daybed Shape and Style

What makes this daybed become so popular now adays is because of its versatility. Daybeds are usually a narrow bed that place in living or working room, some with headrest and some without, and also some may contain storage drawer with it.

Depends on your preferences, some models have only one backrest and arms while others are shaped only by frame and folding mattress. To me, both are great option, you just need to choose the one based on your preference and the area you are placing it.

Coastal Style Daybeds and Colors

If you love the sea or a nature lovers. You will definitely love the unique design of the coastal daybed. You can find beautiful bright colors like light brown white, blue, beige and gray. If you want it to look even more beachy, the best color to use is always blue colors. Then paint the wall around the beach daybeds with some shade of blue. The entire feel is just like you are at the beach.

Different Beach Themed Daybeds

Coastal Daybeds are always useful and decorative to every home due to it elegant look and high quality made. The most popular option is made of light brown wood and white wood because the color usually easy to match with whatever design in your home.

Indoor wicker daybeds are also one of the popular options, which are different than outdoor wicker daybeds

You can also find some nautical daybeds that feature darker wood colors like dark grey, dark blue or navy. Personally I will prefer bright colors than dark colors.

In Summary

You cant really go wrong with beach house daybeds. Its beautiful, practical, and elegant. But you must also make sure you can get the coastal daybed bedding ask well.

Therefore so many benefits having this styles of bed. It fit almost any type of room in your home, from small to big, from office to living hall. And the best part is it has bright to dark colors, you shouldn’t have any problem finding the right colors and style to match your entire beach home décor.