100++ Best Beach Themed Lamps

Best Beach Themed Lamps

Beach-themed lamps are extremely popular nowadays especially when you are living by the coast. There are a variety of lamps such as table lamps, floor lamps, and standing lamps that you can choose for your coastal home.

In Ocean Décor, we had compiled a list of our favorite coastal themed lamps that are irresistible to get and put in your home. We have starfish, scallop shells, sand dollars, seashells, coconuts, and many more that will be perfectly fit for your living room, bedroom, or any area that you have coastal décor.

In addition, you can also find lamps with different colors, pink, blue, white, and colors which are perfectly reflected the ocean and coastal feels. And furthermore, some lamps have beautiful textures that resemble your toes at the beach. We hope that you can find your perfect beach-themed lamps today!

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How to Choose Beach Lamps

Having the right beach lamps in your coastal home enhances the beauty of your home. Therefore, choosing the right beach lamps is very crucial around your bedroom, living room, or hallway. Not only it added additional lighting in your home, styles, and character to your room’s coastal décor, it will also enhance the relaxation feeling of the home.

The first thing when you choosing a beach themed lamp is by looking at the color schemed. It should match the entire color of your beach-style home. You might want to venture into tropical palm tree lamps if you are living near the coast.

Beach Lamp Inspiration

There are so many beach themed lamps that are cool and beautiful. With all the different colors, sizes, and designs. We have starfish, coral, anchor and we are sure you will be able to get one today!

Couple of things you need to consider before you decide to buy

  1. Do you need a tall floor lamp or a mid-sized table lamp?
  1. Size Of the Lamps
  1. Colors of The Lamps

If you are still struggling in choosing a beach lamp for your coastal beach home. Get through some of the inspiration and ideas below. Then you should prepare and start choosing your next beach lamp.

Beach Lamp Ideas

How to Choose Beach Lamps

The easiest way to upgrade or enhance your beach home décor is to add a unique and beautiful beach lamp to your ocean house. There are tons of beautiful and amazing coastal beach themed lamps such as coral, anchor, rope, palm tree, lighthouse, and more for your choices.

We know that is not easy to made decision, therefore, we had compiled some tips and guide below to help to you make a better decision:

Beach Style Lamps

Many unusual beach-style lamps in fact worth our explorer, They can add a definition and style to our room while it will not cost you a lot. A practical lamp as decorative accents should provide you functional mood lighting to your room or space while it can also add character and charm to your décor.

One of the great options is nautical themed table lamps that featuring a ship’s wheel or beachy like coral table lamps. This type of lamp usually adds an extra beach feel and a more nautical look into your beach themed room.

Other than that, another unique option is to find those beach lamps that lamps based are on modeling seashells, anchors, or other coastal themes fixtures. This will definitely impress anyone who walks into your beach house.

Coastal Table Lamps

The coastal table is very popular too nowadays and there are tons of varieties related to beach themes that you can choose from.

Whether you want something that is soft and subtle like a seahorse lamp or a clear blue bubbled lamp that looks pop, you will definitely find something that fits your table in your living room or bedroom.

You can also go with the option with the table lamp shade in vibrant colors to light up your foyer, nightstand, or foyer.

Beach table lamps usually made with ceramic, metal glass, wood. No matter what type of material is made of, You can surely find some contemporary styles and shapes that you love.

You can also use more colorful pendant lighting and table lamps to show out your amazingly contemporary beach décor.

Beach Floor Lamps

A floor lamp is a great option for decoration. With the right beach floor lamps that you can put at some corner of the house or room.

It helps to lighten up your entire room or area and at the same time harmonize your overall beach décor. Remember to choose larger beach floor lamps if place in wide-area space.

DIY Beach Lamps

Although there are many ready-made beach lamps with various styles and designs that you can choose from. Maybe it still did not attract you.

No worry! If this is the situation, You can go for another option which is to DIY your own beach lamps.

Nowadays DIY is easy, Buy some lamp kits from a hardware or arts or craft store and you can start immediately.

Figurine or vase is a great option to use as a base of the lamp, you can then buy the lampshade with the color you like and just build it yourself. You can DIY a beach lamps that exactly what is in your mind.

This would be your masterpiece and you will definitely show to all your guest whoever visit your beach home.

Lamp Color Scheme

There is a variety of color schemes that you can choose for your beach-themed lamps. But take note that choosing the right color scheme is important as it impacts your overall home décor.

There are no specific rules that you must stick with basic white or off-white-one lamp shade. As long as it matches your overall color scheme, it is good to go.

Choosing a colorful or detailed lampshade might allow you to show off your personality and the lifestyles, who knows!

Whether the lampshade with a pattern, decorative access, or vibrant colors, you need to make sure the shade allows a sufficient amount of light into the room, else the beach lamps only become decorations but not practical at all.

Beach Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to lighting fixtures, you want something that is functional as well as stylish. You can get beach lamps that add beauty to your beach décor and at the same time provide sufficient lighting.

If you are into contemporary décor, Try to choose a lighting fixture that has a sleek design and clean lines, it is just perfected.

For pendant lights and table lamps, there are many choices such as sizes, shapes, and colors, choose wisely according to your own liking.

In Summary

With the above guides and tips. We are sure that you already know what type of new beach-themed lamps is suitable and a perfect fit for your coastal home.

Upgrade your living room’s lamps that feature seashells or marine life to make your entire coastal home more lively. Take advantage now of all the options that we have.

Let us know if you still have any questions and we try our best to help!

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