5 Incredible Tropical Home Décor Tips

Tropical Home Decor Tips

What is better than arriving at the beach? Whether you are having trips to the Caribbean or Jersey shore,

With the gold hot sand soft breeze, and pleasant sound of the wave. This tropical paradise always surroundings with relaxing and calming. Which is why there are now so many people turn to Tropical Décor.

If you yearning for peace and relaxing environment. Adding tropical element in your home is the best choice. While having tropical home décor might seems a bit challenging depending on where you live. But don’t worry, I have some tips below that will definitely help to design a home of your dreams!

Palm Trees

One of the most important element in tropical décor theme is palm trees. There are so many types of beautiful palm trees and leaves that you can choose from.

But before deciding what type of palm trees, first you need to know what colors you prefer. There are bright colors like orange or classic green and more, make sure you know what fits the best in your home. Don’t forget those beautiful accent pillow, hand towels, throw blankets and bedding that feature palm tree.

In addition, you can also get some small size palm tree indoor, not only it will add extra tropical feeling but also helps to provide you extra clean and fresh air. Let’s explore more details about the plant below.

Indoor Plants

There are variety of indoor plant that you can choose to create your tropical themed home. The basic one will be  something like bamboo trees, large wood planter and palm tree. You can look for different type of palm tree for your home or also can use large wood planters and top the soil with fake grass or sand.

There are so many popular tropical plant varieties that you can choose from. Sentia Palm, Bamboo, Sago palm, sunset palm, bird of paradise, lipstick palm and many more. Just be caution that if you have pets at home, choose something that is pet friendly tropical plants which will not harm your pets.

Bright Accents

You might want to incorporate bright accent colors along with whit, beige and green in order to achieve tropical theme.

Tropical themes often feature bright oranges or greens, but these should be accents and not the overall color scheme. Using too many bright colors can be difficult to look at, so look for bright accents that add to your design.

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Tropical Fruit Décor

Try buying or using faux fruit decorations like pineapple, mango, and guava to bring natural freshness and  brightness to your counter or dining table. You can put tropical fruits on your weekly shopping list  and place them in the center of your dining table, or simply pick up faux tropical fruits to achieve this look.

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Natural Light

I truly believe it is difficult to achieve the peace and tranquility that  a tropical beach home is without plenty of natural light. Imagine your dream beach home overlooking the ocean, doesn’t it have big beautiful windows that let in the light and a view during the day?

I understand that natural light isn’t something that is easy to achieve, but you may want to add windows, add screen doors, choose curtains that don’t trap  light, and use light-enhancing blinds.

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