5 Ocean-Inspired Outdoor Beach Decor Ideas

outdoor beach decor ideas

Is there anything better than sitting on your comfortable back patio, smelling the salty ocean air and soaking up the sun?

Many of us are not staying at or near the beach but I know you are same as me is a beach lovers. Luckily now you can create you outdoor space as like the feeling of living by the ocean. whether you are staying far from the ocean or just few steps from the beach, The relaxing feeling of outdoor beach décor is just perfect!

We had put together our 5 best ocean inspired outdoor themes that we think is cool to help you feel the coastal vibes. If you are lack of ideas and inspiration, one of the themes below will definitely help you in your outdoor beach decoration.

Outdoor Beach Decor Themes

1 – Go Bold Or Go Home

When choosing the color you need to go bold. As you want something that can heightens the beach experience. Orange, blue, green and yellow are those colors that you can opt for because of their rich tones. You might need to remove some of those dark shades from your beach décor. In addition, don’t just rely on painting your porch wall only, you must also incorporate those colors into your furniture too. 

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Even though bright colors are good, but you might need to organize the color usage, focus on few colors and one color should be stand out. . Many people opt for white outdoor cushioned sofas with bright accent pillows with a beach theme.

2 – Add A Tropical Touch

The best type of beaches are those that really relaxing and take your breathe away. In order to achieve this, you can create a hidden tropical paradise in your backyard, having your beach surrounded by plant life whether is shooting up from the group or hanging down from the coconut trees.

You might want to have as much plant life as possible in your outdoor living area. Not only you are able to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere but also provide you a great scenery of your own tropical escape.

Also, don’t forget about adding rope hammock or hammock chair too so that you have a place to sit and relax. You can also consider to have padded chaise lounge chairs with tables so you can enjoy your favorite drinks while relax and enjoying at your patio.

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3 – A Gorgeous Outdoor Fire Pit

What else do you think is the best on the beach with star lights and everyone around? Yes, is a an fire pits, a place that everyone huddle around sharing stories. You can now achieve this by getting a gorgeous fire pit these days.

One of the popular option that every beach home owner love it is to put a fire pit and surrounded it with the beach chairs. With the sand between your toes as you sit by the fire, you will feel like you are just at the beach hanging with friends and family.

You can add extra lighting by having it on the trees or ceiling like a stars, or use rope lights. A simple lighting can really upgrade and enhance the entire feel or you outdoor décor at night.

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4 – Teak Patio Furniture

Many of us might have some difficulty choosing outdoor furniture due to lack of knowledge. No worries, we can guide you from here.

There are tons of option ranging from plastic to wicker. Both are great and one of the popular one is the outdoor teak patio furniture because it is beautiful and very durable. Measure your outdoor space, You can look for everything from large set such as 11 pcs teak dining set to a teak rocking chair for your outdoor furniture. All these option are great and is comfortabl

Lastly you can add some wood element into your beach themed backyard, especially if you are using coastal accents.

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5 – Traditional Beach Decking

The last one is the traditional beach decking, although is not as glitzy as other outdoor beach décor ideas above, but it still always be in style.

You can simply pain your wooden deck with brown or white, and position your wooden sun chairs in the perfect direction to allow you to enjoy and soak up ask much sun as possible.

Lastly, don’t forget to add wooden table and chairs if you love to enjoy a nice meal outdoor with friends and family.

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Which Style Resonates With You?

The above are some styles that we think is amazing. Just by adding simple thing or special features, it could make you feel as like you are at the beach.

You can even start playing around with other features like water, just be caution that some of the feature might need more creativity to fit your entire design.

Last but not least, you can always add more outdoor beach décor ideas slowly over the time until you satisfy with your overall design.