Coastal Beds & Coastal Bed Frames

Coastal Bed Bedframe

Looking for some coastal designs to enhance your rooms? Then coastal beds and coastal bed frames is a great option you should consider.

Coastal design, beach bed are essential part that demands your attention especially the bedroom. The shape and designs of the coastal bed frames helps to showcase the beauty and the element of the sea.

We had put together a huge list of our favorite and popular coastal style bed frames below for your selection. If you plan to change or add new coastal element into your bedroom, then all the option below will definitely meets you needs.

Coastal Beds For Sale

How to Choose Bedroom Furniture and Find Decorations

When decorating your coastal bed in your bedroom. Something which we think is essential is to find a coastal headboardscoastal dresserscoastal nightstands, and more. Other than that, it is also important to get a comfortable and elegant bed for your self and family as this is the place where you will take a nice and good night sleep.

To that, we have compile some of the tips and guides below to help you to choose the best match beach themed, materials, and colors to match your ocean home.

Coastal Bed Frame Materials

Generally, Wood bed frame is the most popular material for coastal home as it is durable, elegant and it is perfectly match coastal themed home. You can find wood bed frames that features wooden board, panel headboards, slats, shiplap and many more. But make sure you examine the thickness and the quality of the wood.

Other material like white metal can also be used in the beachy bedroom. Personally, I love wood material because it looks more natural. Coastal platform beds is always a good choice if you want your bedroom looks modern, clean and elegant.

Decorating a Coastal Bed

Don’t forget to match it with your room theme and color scheme when decorating your bed with a bedding sets. If you need more ideas, you can check out our beach bedding sets article for more inspirations.

Generally, you can choose from white comforters to patterned quilts to tropical duvet covers. Furthermore, you can also add some extra colors and coastal style by incorporating this beautiful beach throw pillows.

Hanging Beds

If you have a porch, deck or balcony, Another great option is to choose hanging bed, A hanging ropes that hold the bed. This type of beach bed frames are usually made of wood, as it will be lighter compare with metal bedframes.

Probably is not a good ideas to hang your everyday sleeping bed but if you have extra room, you can consider using hanging bed design so that you can relax and enjoy it in a different design bed sometimes.

Beach Bed Frames With Storage

If you need some extra storage in your beach beds, then coastal storage bed are good solution. It is useful and it fit in any size of the rooms. With this marine design, you can have beautiful beach bed design while having extra space to keep your belongings.

You can find variety of coastal bed and coastal bed frames with storage and with different style and material in ocean decors.

Nautical Style Bed Frames

There are many different styles like rustic, wood, cottage and modern coastal bed that can fit these themes. But if you ask me, you can try to have coastal bed with thin constructed, wrought-iron and surrounded it by white wicker furniture. This will fully demonstrate the beauty of themes that you design.

If you love beach bed style idea, you can opt for high head, iron beds, wide and slim style. However, whether you prefer wooden bed or metal bed, generally you will find this coastal bed frames with straight edge, except for the bed header whose frame could be oval.

Beach Bedroom Colors

Colors is always an important factor when decorating your beach home. Therefore, it is important to choose the right colors for your beach bed regardless types of bed you choose. The colors should always match and consistent with the theme of the sea.

We highly recommend brighter and lighter colors when choosing beds or any furniture in beach themed home because it always shows cleanliness, sunshine and vitality. Therefore, white bed always our top recommendation, down to blue, that points to the sea, gray, or beige that resembles sand.

In Summary

Finding the right bed frames for your home is not difficult, You might need to spend more time searching for it. Before it, you need to decide which bed frames styles that you need for each and every room you have. Then things will become easier.

With over 100 options above, You can find options featured distressed wood, rattan, white wood, wicker and many more. You can even find something that is very creative like a bed frame in the shape of a boat.

We believe we have more than enough coastal themed furniture we have that could help you to find the right one for your bedroom. If you still having difficulty to find the right one, Do not hesitate to let us know.