Nautical Pendant Lights & Beach Pendant Lights

Nautical Pendant Lights

There are many thing that you need to consider to complete your nautical beach home. Most people might be focusing on choosing decoration from area rugs to doormats and to the bedding set, and forget about the important part which is the lighting fixtures

We realize that which is why we had compile a list of our best and favorite nautical pendant lights and beach pendant lights to add extra charm and style to your kitchen, bathroom and dining room.

Nautical & Beach Pendant Lights

How to Choose Nautical Pendant Lights

Choosing the best fit nautical pendant lights is important as it really make a huge different on the entire look of the room and space. Not only you want to have sufficient bright light but also it able to match with the rest of your decoration and furniture.

For example, The lighting you choose should be different for each room that and space you are planning to install.

First, You need to choose pendant lights that is corelated to your entire room theme.

Second, understand your requirement, if you looking to light up the bedroom look for lights that is dim in brightness and reflection.

Third, the color choose of course must be match with the color of the room where they are being place.

Lastly, there are also option where the lighting system is operate by a remove control device. If you are worry that you might lost the device. You can also opt for wall switch or both together.

We also compile some tips and guide below to assist you to choose the best fit nautical pendant light for your home.

What are Pendant Lights?

Pendant light are smart lighting accessories and light fixture that is mounter to the ceiling and hang down from the ceiling on a rod or chain. It is like a pendant on the necklace where it gets its name.

There are difference between a chandelier and pendants where most people confuse. Chandelier usually has multiple bulbs incorporate into single fixture while pendant lights has only one bulb incorporate into the fixture.

You can use pendant lights in many area like in kitchen, study room, personal workspace and many area. There are variety of options include styles, shapes and colors that you can choose from. The most common one is the industrial pendant which has bell shaped shape which made from glass, plastic, paper and metal.

If you have a beach themed home, choosing a nautical pendant lights is a great option. These lighting fixture can add a sense of spaciousness and brightness to a room. At the same time, it also complements to themed décor to completed your overall looks whether is in bedroom, kitchen or your workspace.

Whether you’re looking for something practical or aesthetic, pendant lights are just as good as any!

Why You Need Beach Pendant Lights

Nautical pendant lights are popular because they are so versatile, unique and stylish look. You can find in many different styles including beach, tropical and nautical style. Regardless what themes you are decorating, it will surely fit and improve the home interior design.

Nautical pendant lights are quite good to use above the desk, basin area where you wash your dishes or bar area where you sit and have a chit chat with your friends or just enjoying yourself with a drinks, because it give pools of light over the counter-top.

With all the benefits, for sure having a beach pendant light in your beach home is the greatest choice you ever made.

Types of Nautical Pendant Lights

There are many options when comes to nautical pendant lights, We had put together a huge list of beautiful beach pendant lights for your selection.

Some are brass and silver nautical themed hanging light fixtures, some others featuring hanging rope pendant with light at the end and many more. Spent some times to look through the list above and we believe you will find something that suit your entire home décor.

Nautical Pendant Lights For Coastal Kitchens

Installing pendant lights and hanging lighting fixture in the kitchen is definitely a must. There are several area that you can consider to install like such as bar area where you have stools that overlook the kitchen, above the island if your kitchen has and island, and also kitchen tables.

All this area are best to have hanging pendant lighting, not only it improve the entire design feel but also provide sufficient lights for any activity you do in your kitchen.

Personal Spaces and Pendant Lighting

Not only in the kitchen, pendant lighting is a great choice to light up your personal space as well such your work space, study room or even in the fixture or furniture. They are also a great option if you are towards to have intelligent lighting system in your personal space.

However, There are also things that you need to take notes depends where you want to install it like the color combination, go for fixed variants of hanging ones. Make sure you choose the right color combination and ensure the light are placed in the vantage space.

They should be conspicuous by their outward appearance. Concealing the light and ensuring that light emanates from it is perhaps the best thing about it.

Natural Nautical Home Lighting

We usually recommend to have a beach home design with natural lights during day time. Don’t misunderstand our statement, nautical pendant light is great as you need light during night time but when is day time, it is best to have more natural skylight to create wonderful environment and feeling.

Not every home can have sufficient skylight unless you have a large area connected to the roof. If you are planning to renovate your home, you can consider to put a large windows that will get plenty of natural light during the day. Instead of having lighting and nautical pendant lights all over your home, Try adding windows or skylights to get more natural lights during the day. It will save a lot of electricity bills.

Use Nautical Pendant Lights Instead of Chandeliers

Last but not least, If you are looking to replace current nautical chandeliers in your home. Then we high recommend you take a look on nautical pendant lights. Nautical pendant lights is a great options for anyone who love modern and contemporary feel. At the same times, these hanging nautical lights are also great choice when it comes to ceiling light fixture. You will surprise these light are so beautiful once you install it.

In Summary

There are many ways you can make use of pendant lighting system. You can check more in interior design website like and many more to get more ideas and inspiration. However, the main attributes to create a successful and nautical atmosphere is always choosing the right colors, right angle and right location. Once you have all these in your mind, then is easy for you to choose the best fit nautical pendant light for your home.