101 Beach Themed Bathroom Ideas

Beach Bathroom Decor Ideas

Generally, a beach home will have two or more bathrooms depends on the size of your home. Usually, it will have small bathroom off the kitchen, one near the living room, and one in the your master bedroom. if you plan to decorate beach themed bathroom, you can consider to implement coastal decoration or nautical decoration throughout. You can also decorate in different themed for each bathroom based on your preference.

There are tons of beautiful design when comes to bathroom decoration, We had put a list of 101 beach themed bathrooms below for your reference and ideas.

All these designs are unique with variety of beach related themes, styles, colors, flooring, showers, bathtub and many more.

Whether you love sunny bright color theme or a darker nautical color schemed, you will surely find something that inspiring that helps you in your design. We love all the beach bathroom below and we think is good to share with you.

101 Beach Themed Bathroom

Bayshores Drive

bayshores drive brandon architects inc img~b261b7fc0fc9398a 8 4357 1 0e1bb32

Bayshores Drive

bayshores drive brandon architects inc img~8401d7680fc9399d 8 3125 1 9c4c6cd

Master Bath

master bath natalie disalvo img~cd7169730cabff79 8 2765 1 33c6b16

Master Bathroom

master bathroom john kraemer and sons img~004180a20eb81b37 8 3433 1 cf9552d

Muskoka Cottage

muskoka cottage lisa stevens and company inc img~11110884029d217a 8 9174 1 ec01b08


bathrooms gdc construction img~044116450e52a6be 8 3322 1 d9ce078

Sophisticated Key West Style

sophisticated key west style pinto designs and associates img~87719eab0f64e832 8 3995 1 4fef243

 Summer Beach House Charms 

my houzz a summer beach house charms and welcomes mary prince photography img~4d4195d800084cc7 8 4590 1 cf63cc2

Underwood Residence

underwood residence cm natural designs img~3aa1af230241e9d7 8 6872 1 3b9c38b

Santa Monica Beach House

santa monica beach house evens architects img~d121ad3f021fbbb0 8 3220 1 e63a244

Photo by Evens ArchitectsMore bathroom photos

The Ladue House

the ladue house img~24215bb900993bae 8 5333 1 b5110e0

Breakers Beach House

breakers beach house img~16d158960ebaec3d 8 3490 1 efbc67b

Florida Beach Cottage

florida beach cottage village architects aia inc img~99e10e6b01f2b5a9 8 4482 1 59803e4

Spring Lake Beach Chic

spring lake beach chic threshold interiors img~b2f1455b0231e981 8 6260 1 a3628e6

Hills Beach Cottage

hills beach cottage whitten architects img~66211884020e6b45 8 7476 1 dd5e3c3

Beach House Retreat

beach house retreat laura u interior design img~e171c860051185f6 8 3526 1 c0a6fe7

West Bay

west bay blackband design img~f781facf05f85d5b 8 1370 1 10df093

Martha’s Vineyard Beach Cottage

martha s vineyard beach cottage elizabeth swartz interiors img~ae41dba1003fa1b7 8 4813 1 e52f38a


bathroom whitten architects img~b661b43a0efa0d32 8 3657 1 cf7e9da

Photo by Whitten ArchitectsMore bathroom photos

Coastal Craftsmen

coastal craftsmen pasquale design associates inc img~4e01c6f109da6f49 8 9732 1 494ea0e

Seaborne Breeze-Monarch Beach

seaborne breeze monarch beach jodi fleming design img~b4a1234605f60595 8 1763 1 083ca11

Darien Beach House

darien beach house shelter interiors llc img~d73158bf00803cbf 8 3393 1 f802459

Seafaring Family Home

seafaring family home judy cook interiors llc img~7f3151db02aefab8 8 8675 1 f72ca45

1512 Dolphin Terrace

1512 dolphin terrace spinnaker development img~70a1c18c0e36c7ef 8 3298 1 81beafc

Coastal Living Bathroom

coastal living bathroom marcus gleysteen architects img~d7f1b2d20d5172a6 8 3077 1 2c57dd9

Concord Green Home

concord green home zeroenergy design img~932123fb0e4156ce 8 5737 1 309ad0a

Amagansett Beach Retreat

amagansett beach retreat kitchens and baths linda burkhardt img~be4124300d9b12fe 8 7245 1 d28a1d8

Fox Run Residence

fox run residence z architects llc img~c4c1316702126311 8 7497 1 f285725

Beach Style Bathroom

bathroom tara seawright interior design img~8ee14d0a0c73ff16 8 2715 1 6e80d36

Bath 2

bath 2 rethink design studio img~ddf167c30eabc77a 8 3423 1 6641c04

Maryland Projects

maryland projects img~70e1c63b01f9d426 8 7263 1 7c31ba6

Bathroom Ideas

bathroom ideas r popovitch builders img~cc71e2cf081b6228 8 1952 1 e83835d


bathroom whitten architects img~672114bc0efa0d35 8 3656 1 5911e5d


coronado burnham design img~1b91db6a0488f40d 8 5228 1 a9b7fd7

Fair Winds

fair winds taste design inc img~71c15c4c0f4d477e 8 3267 1 a548b09

Beach Style Bathroom

bathroom whitten architects img~09d19dd40efa0d39 8 3656 1 9368928

Shelter Island Beach House

shelter island beach house wettling architects img~57412f8e010b4c20 8 9171 1 bf6d667

Beach house- Master Bath

beach house master bath ahr designs img~3ea1e40a03a9b1f2 8 7812 1 40cd540

Upper Brookville

upper brookville robert kocis img~a3d1741d0dc1a6d1 8 3187 1 3fa6a59

Dynamic Stripe

dynamic stripe jules duffy designs img~f0719d020286afb3 8 8452 1 59180bc

This Old House – Cambridge

this old house cambridge elms interior design img~664198ed00ca0740 8 5689 1 99cbd6e

Harbour Point

harbour point celtic home gallery img~b2515dbf04b82249 8 9997 1 c6b92a7

Bathroom over the sea

bathroom over the sea kate jackson design img~ae51c20a0df15648 8 3192 1 2e264af

The Summer House

the summer house js interiors llc img~6201a8af044ef465 8 3313 1 32449e1

Ocean inspired

ocean inspired marrokal design and remodeling img~655130580f5f718d 8 3992 1 18b0344

Coastal Retreat Guest Bath

coastal retreat guest bath southern studio interior design img~cb611a830e3bf622 8 3291 1 73c2d62

1512 Dolphin Terrace

1512 dolphin terrace spinnaker development img~5211cd830e36c7f6 8 3298 1 20d77b2

Nautical House on the Bay – Hamptons

nautical house on the bay hamptons austin patterson disston architects img~a6c1387502fbdb01 8 1399 1 be1481a

1960’s House

1960 s house gabriel holland interior design img~3121fe4903cfdf66 8 1695 1 a7f80f5


kennebunkport irvin serrano img~71c127eb021f17ab 8 7622 1 cf088e1

Rhode Island Beach House

rhode island beach house rachel reider interiors img~3bc1f5e50239ee76 8 5520 1 00d03e9

White Lake

white lake francesca owings interior design img~1621580302442d96 8 7928 1 b291856

Smythe St

smythe st southeastern custom homes img~7fa124d402fa6c41 8 9056 1 172bf54

Photo by Southeastern Custom HomesDiscover bathroom design ideas

Easton House

easton house patrick sutton img~1a9161ce0f4524eb 8 6069 1 87740f9

Photo by Patrick SuttonLook for bathroom pictures

Coastal Casual

coastal casual refined llc img~04e1059c0140d76c 8 9769 1 8b246b2

Photo by REFINED LLCLook for bathroom design inspiration

Beach Street Bathrooms

beach street bathrooms melissa lenox design img~3581c88f0f1ed573 8 3774 1 48f7688

Transitional Contemporary AC109

transitional contemporary ac109 turtle beach construction and remodeling img~462184cd047e310e 8 8988 1 a70bdcd

Lake Minnetonka Children’s Bathroom

lake minnetonka children s bathroom remodel castle building and remodeling img~97b1da1e0f70c208 8 4063 1 4eaf620


clifton interiors etc img~bd9154d903dcbf5b 8 0308 1 e8e1461

The Bimini Spec

the bimini spec stofft cooney architects img~6421331803e24b19 8 0335 1 f31f5e6

Cedar Point

cedar point hutker architects img~9f7138050320ab8d 8 9274 1 6e2f143

The Beech House

the beech house windover construction img~4371c62a03163e64 8 3786 1 e0c7993

Le Selva Rustic Beach Residence

le selva rustic beach residence mimi snowden design img~f791e657054a2b9e 8 7945 1 ba23e7b

Cliff Road Area – Nantucket

cliff road area nantucket jonathan raith inc img~6ac1dbb4040e21d1 8 0679 1 cf13e3f

Beach side House

beach side house bdr executive custom homes img~18f1f1a903b351b9 8 4206 1 36fbcd1


bayshore prestige mouldings and construction inc img~4491af0903eed0db 8 0445 1 a76a2cb

Stageneck Modern

stageneck modern marcye philbrook img~2641264c02332a9f 8 7800 1 88886ee

New England Style Home West Sussex

new england style home west sussex randell design group img~b4514edc04302087 8 0890 1 b85f9a2

Beach Inspired Bath

beach inspired bath belfair plantation arlene williams img~bf21fddc0256cb5c 8 8029 1 aff0c1b

Beach Street Bathrooms

beach street bathrooms melissa lenox design img~d7211bad0f1ed5a4 8 3335 1 a855760

Amagansett Beach Retreat

amagansett beach retreat kitchens and baths linda burkhardt img~9b51b18c0d9b1301 8 3138 1 1c2f169

Lakefront Living VII

lakefront living vii benchmark wood and design studios img~3ec17fe50682cf95 8 3862 1 b94640b

Palm Beach Bungalow

palm beach bungalow jacki mallick designs llc img~4781e4c10292f95d 8 8526 1 9f3001c


duneseye sylco cabinetry img~fb8123f900761216 8 5054 1 8518865

Waterfront Retreat

waterfront retreat bruce palmer design studio img~e4c12cc30ee77faf 8 3626 1 6ca9058

Palmetto Bluff 15 Nottingham Road

palmetto bluff 15 nottingham road arlene williams img~15e15dd5053a685c 8 7423 1 8b69b6a

Beach Style Bathroom

seahound ranch garrison hullinger interior design inc img~c07121200e5ef4d6 8 3330 1 6c590de

Updated Beach House

updated beach house pamela pennington studios img~db614e470fb6c86f 8 4305 1 42c059f

The EverBank Field Stadium Home

the everbank field stadium home true design studios img~42b152ca067ab482 8 1934 1 8da2902

Cape Cod Renovation

cape cod renovation kelly mcguill home img~1f51329303976c45 8 0572 1 455c240

Linwood Circle

linwood circle wilkes architects princeton design guild img~230125ff020a825c 8 8375 1 c173d0e

Catherine’s Hope, St. Croix, USVI

catherine s hope st croix usvi dan forer photographer img~651159290d6fe958 8 3089 1 9837178

Coastal Virginia Idea House

coastal virginia idea house stephen alexander homes and neighborhoods img~52a14ff604e75ae1 8 1190 1 7176bc8

The Yellow Cottage

the yellow cottage trebarwith strand perfect stays img~8e7170c104ee01fa 8 9631 1 fe04d3b

Owners Bath

owners bath echelon custom homes img~93e1c6b50ecd0e73 8 3419 1 22ca6d4


okerwaw christopher s home furnishings of nantucket inc img~ce819a78035d25ab 8 2763 1 16dd5b2

Walden 9

walden 9 pbc design build img~8741f81502603bf7 8 8113 1 5712f4e

Dynamic Stripe

dynamic stripe jules duffy designs img~f0719d020286afb3 8 8452 1 59180bc

Photo by Jules Duffy DesignsBrowse bathroom photos

balmy project – master en suite bathroom

balmy project master en suite bathroom xtc design incorporated img~2ac12463030b815e 8 3641 1 f04bdef

Beach Vacation Home

beach vacation home creative touch interiors img~9a8172b3006a1b50 8 6672 1 495fe5e

Master Baths – The Art of Living!

master baths the art of living allikriste custom cabinetry and kitchen design img~af81a1b4024041ae 8 7868 1 68cb895

Seaward, Corona Del Mar

seaward corona del mar sc homes img~c3611a8a026eb944 8 1223 1 ea31eb9

Amagansett Beach Retreat

amagansett beach retreat kitchens and baths linda burkhardt img~23d125510d9b130f 8 3138 1 2282bc7

Cliff Road Area – Nantucket

cliff road area nantucket jonathan raith inc img~77218890040e2235 8 0679 1 b2136f7

Family Residence

family residence oliver burns img~460127d00460e210 8 0681 1 1f4c123

Mykonos Panormos Villas

mykonos panormos villas img~6fc151fb0f564765 8 3946 1 2060684

Tiburon home remodel

tiburon home remodel mahoney architects and interiors img~b381852a0b9e938b 8 2645 1 83d0839


profile sv design img~0c41cb110f70763f 8 4070 1 508424b


bathrooms tr design build firm img~509184090293799c 8 8137 1 3e89f79

Vanity Countertop

vanity countertop real stone and granite corporation img~3f41699002ea9d22 8 5720 1 4d98367

Sarasota Island House

beach style bathroom

Beach Bathroom Ideas

Do you need amazing and eye catching beach themed bathrooms that makes your guest impressed? A place that you can feel comfort, happiness and relaxation when you are taking shower in it. To achieve this, every single aspect from paint color to the tiles to flooring and to wall accents is important to make the entire atmosphere having beachy vibes.

We believe all these sample will help you discover more ideas and creativity in order to create you dream bathroom. Check out all our favorite bathroom beach decor below.

Beach Bathroom Lighting

One of the important item is the lighting in the bathroom, it can really transform the feel of the bathrooms. There are different types of lights you can consider such as wall scones, bathroom vanity lighting and so on base on your entire themed décor.

Choosing the right lighting not only able to light up the entire bathroom, but also it use as decoration to make your beach bathroom as if you are always by the beach, relaxing and calming.

We had put together a huge list of bathroom lighting that you can choose from for your ocean themed bathroom. Spend sometimes to check it out and you will find one that fit your entire design.

Beach Bathroom Floors

You usually find most of the beach themed bathroom are using tiles, marble or hardwood. They are awesome because they are stylish, beachy feel and long lasting.

I love sand-colored marble as it always makes me feel like walking on the beach. White tiles is also quite popular now adays which you can consider too.

Floors are something that you should really think outside the box. Whether is using beautiful drift or distressed wood floor or unique tiles that match the rest of your decor, It’s all good. Make sure it don’t conflict with the rest of your design. You can check out pebble or cobblestone tiles floors in bathroom design below to get more ideas.

highland beach waterfront nmb home management services llc img~ee4145d10506ac86 8 7934 1 f3f5a2e

Beach Bathroom Paint Colors

Choosing the right colors is very important as it determine the feel of the atmosphere that you want.  Comforting colors like light green and light blue are great if you like refreshing atmosphere.

Do not use dark colors as it makes your entire space looks gloomy and it doesn’t give the feel of the beach. You want something like you are surrounding by the sky and water and the feel of the beach.

Another thing to avoid is to use wallpaper because it is outdated and always bathroom is humid, it won’t las long and will make your wallpaper peel off that makes your entire bathroom look ugly.

Lastly, Make sure you choose some accent and artwork that can match with your wall colors, which I will get into more below.

Quick Painting Tips: Make sure your wall is clean before your start your painting. Use painter’s tape to prevent extra paint accidently paint on the ceiling, floor or even bathtub. Lastly, look for bathroom paint that is mildew resistant

Beach Bathroom Mirrors

It is not really recommend to use unframed mirror in the bathroom unless the mirrors are huge and covered from the counter tops to the ceiling.

Personally, I think the most easiest and beachy feel way is to put a frame on it. you can find those with seashell frame, rope frame and etc that able to create nautical vibes to the bathroom.

There are a lot of options when comes to beach mirror frames, Some the love DIY can always DIY themselves using rope or seashell they collected from the beaches.

Find out our huge list of beach beach themed mirrors here. You will definitely find out in our list that will fit perfectly in your beach themed bathroom.

 Cabinets And Countertops

You can find most common color themed use for cabinets in beach home are usually white. Other popular colors and styles are using driftwood style cabinet which is also great for beach themed home.

Regardless what choices you opt for, Make sure your counter-tops match the color of the floors so that It will create better and nice contrast from floor to cabinets and to countertops.

fuezstone beach vanity img~ee414d120ded0942 8 1848 1 b0ab0cd

Beach Wall Décor

You can also choose to add extra artwork or accent into your bathroom to create unique flare that will impresses yourself and your guest.

Accents can transform your ordinary room look into more elegant styles while artwork filled extra element to your bare walls. Check out and get more ideas from our completed guide on this most beautiful beach wall decorations.

Finding the right piece of artwork and coastal accents is quite straight forward and simple. Make sure it flow perfectly with the paint in the bathroom and everything is will be great. Remember, sometimes simplicity is the best!

portfolio ross thiele and son img~6cd14986025f0acd 8 8088 1 970457c

Beach Shower Curtain

If you have a glass shower in your bathroom, You may skid this section as you do not need a shower curtain. But most of the beach home bathroom do not have glass shower. Which makes beach shower curtains an important part in your bathroom design. Beach shower curtains can really make transform a boring bathroom into nice looking beach themed bathroom.

For example, if you have a beach theme throughout your entire home as well as your bathroom. What it will looks if you are using a plain shower curtain with only solid colors? Isn’t better to have something like beach themed element like seashell, beach view and so on? It will definitely change the entire feel of the bathroom instantly.

Beach Bathroom Accessories Sets

Every bathroom will definitely need accessories set like wastebasket, toilet paper holder, soap dispenser, towel rack and so on. All these accessories are essential and to me it definitely necessary.

Again, All these accessories also make huge different on the overall décor of your themes. by using simple standard and normal accessories set compare with accessories set that comes with a themes like anchor with hooks, rope circle, or a shell with hooks. You will surprise it looks a lot more better than plain one.

You can check out some of our best beach bathroom accessory sets here. We had huge list of product included, tooth brush holder, soap dispenser and many more that you will definitely need it.

 In Summary

We hope our ideas and tips above do provide you extra inspirations to design your beach themed bathroom. All of the designs above are all in our favorite list which we really wanted to share with you.

Regardless you are into cottage, nautical theme, ocean, tropical or beach themes. We believe you will definitely get benefits from all the beautiful design above.